Saturday, November 21, 2015

Caroline's Sunshine Party

Thursday night, I put to bed my Sweet Caroline. It was her last night as my "baby." 

The next morning, she woke up a 1 year old. 

My, oh, my. This past year has just FLOWN by. For real. Maybe it's because she's the 3rd baby. Maybe because we have been crazy busy. But, I kind of feel like I just had her a few months ago.

I got the idea for a Sunshine party, when my original theme (vintage tea party) just wasn't working. I mean, she is our little ray of sunshine. She's ALWAYS smiling. So, it was definitely fitting.

I made this little Photo Prop.

With my Cameo. I just cut apart the scrapbook paper and made a stencil out of it.

Since it was a Sunshine party, I decided to do a "Good Morning, Sunshine" for the food - BRUNCH! 

I made Chicken and Waffles, Pancakes...

A garden of donut flower. haha

A yogurt parfait bar and fresh fruit.

And of course, what's brunch without Mimosas!?

The cake was a sunset cake. (don't mind the messy kitchen in the background)

And the "thanks for coming" gift was sunglasses.

The morning of, I woke up before the sun and finished the cupcakes, the sun, and streamed up the balloons.

Then, I had to run to the party store to get the balloons....what's a birthday without balloons!? 

Here's a tip from me to you... don't tie up all your balloons and then try to hang them. Yeah... that was a big knotted mess!

I finally got them untangled and then got smart and tied them as the string was tied (the balloons on the left).  

In addition to the food, I had some coloring sheets for the kids. I found them {HERE}.

We passed around the photo prop - it was harder than what you think trying to get a picture of Caroline with it. She kept pushing it away! haha

This is where she was asking for Grandma - awww...

Pin the smile on the sun!

This picture makes me laugh!! Hudson says "I look like a robber!"

Caroline and Grandpa.

Cake time!

She didn't know quite what was going on while we were singing to her - haha

And she really wasn't into the cake.

I finally cut a piece off for her, but she still didn't do too much with it.

It was an hombre sunset cake.

Ross Party of 5. Our complete little family!

When everyone left, we tried to get Caroline to open presents, but she was more interested in shoving waffles in her mouth. ha!

Happy birthday to my Sweet Caroline! You are a true ray of sunshine!!

Here's her birthday invitation I made for the party

And just because... if you feel like taking a stroll down memory lane, you can look at all her monthly milestones on the 20th of each month. And her birth story is {HERE}

Here is where I got some of the things for this party.

Party city for balloons and other paper decorations

Here are some other party themes I've done...

{Caroline turns 1 - Sunshine party}

(didn't have either blog back then, so they're just pictures I posted one day in a blogpost, randomly)
I'm not really sure what we did for Autumn's 4th birthday - hahaha

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  1. I love all of this! I have said it before and I will say it should be a party planner!