Friday, November 6, 2015

Life Lately

Life has been.... busy, as usual. When is it not, right!?

Last weekend was {Halloween} AND {Disney}.  On Friday, I wanted to watch one of my favorite movies, Casper, with the girls. Remember this movie?? One of my favorites!!

BUT, it was sooooo horribly scratch that I went STRAIGHT to Amazon and bought it again....and then I got a little click happy and got all of these too! I mean, c'mon....our girls WILL know what good movies are!

Thankfully, they came on Monday and we could redeem our Halloween movie watching night.

Wednesday, at after care at school, Autumn is in Soccer Shots. She seems to really like it.

Her and Brooklynn also go to Awanas on Wednesday nights. I don't take them though... my mom takes them and that's the night that I try to get most of my planning done for the next week, instead of on the weekend.  Except THIS Wednesday, we had a PD after school...until 4:30. And of course I didn't leave until almost 5:00 because I didn't have time to go pack up before the meeting. I was D.O.G. tired. But it was a great workshop!

Thursday was picture day for this little cutie.  I sure hope she smiled that big beautiful Brooklynn smile!

Thursday was gymnastics day. The girls saw these little white things floating in the sky and were all like "what are those things?!!?" So I found those "flowers" around the corner of the gym and they had a few minutes of fun blowing them. haha. It's the little things in life, I tell ya!

Thursday was also Farm Pick Up day. My mom picked it for me since we had gymnastics. This is our fridge after a pick-up day. And the 2 melons on the counter aren't in the fridge. Wowsa.

AND, I have found a new love...

Kombucha.  I drink it every morning!

And I want to leave you with this oh so cute video of Caroline talking to us - and making sure that we are listening. haha

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