Sunday, January 4, 2015

Brooklynn's Minion Birthday

Today was B's birthday party. I had the idea of doing a Minion theme a few months ago. This was probably one of the least stressful parties I've done. I probably because I've been home and could spread out all of the "to-dos" but I think the party came together pretty good!

So, here are a few pictures. 
The danger of having my new lens: a few pictures is kind of understating it.

I am so super psyched about the cake I LOVE doing cakes. They are the highlight of any parties I do.
(I've done a Candyland themed cake, giant ice cream oreo cake, s'mores shaped cake, Where the Wild Things Are, ice cream cones - I'll do a different post to share them with you). This Minion cake made me giddy when I got finished with it.

Some water guns for the Thank You gift. I got them {HERE}. They were the Freeze Ray Guns.

My husband made the Pin the Eye on the Minion poster. He's such a perfectionist that I knew it would come out looking awesome! And he did not fail.

 A little photo shoot with B before the party started.

Then all the girls got in with all their Minion "garb" on.  Even though you really can't see Autumn's minion shirt, but she didn't really care since she was holding Caroline...standing up! Woa!

I couldn't find an outfit for C, so I made an image for Ron to use his heat press to make a onsie for her.  It came out great!  Brooklynn's dress I got on Etsy at {THIS} shop. This dress does not disappoint. I love it! And of course all of their bow were made by K & L Bows.

Our little family of Minions!

Here's what I had on the food table.

Those cookies in front of the forks are little minion shaped honey graham crackers! Say What?! I found them last minute and just had to add them to the mix.

The "Cure the Evil Minion" was two different games; the pyramid cup game (we used a Nerf gun to shoot the evil minions) and the silly string.

If you want any of these printables, you can download them {HERE}.

C taking a little cat nap. 

Some Pin the Eye on the Minion fun...

Here is the Shoot the Evil Minion game....B finally figured out that she has to shoot them point blank in order to knock them over - ha!

Out came the cake!

I just love this picture of her!


Balloon release after the party.

Wooops! Got them stuck in the tree!  Daddy to the rescue. He actually had to get a ladder. Oy!

Let's try this again....

Bye, bye balloons!!

Happiest birthday to my beautiful Brooklynn!! I love you, bubs!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Everything looks awesome!!! Your cake is perfect!!!!