Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

Ahh... Thanksgiving break.

So welcomed. So needed. Usually not long enough in terms of Teacher Time, but sometimes too long in terms of having all the kids home all the time together. haha.  But all in all, I love it. I love having the girls there and watching what kinds of creative craziness they can get into.

Even when I don't have to get up for work, I still get up around 5:00 usually...before the kids do.  And Usually Brooklynn is the first one up.

Look at this kid. Her hair. Haha. It makes me laugh every. morning.  She has some serious crazy hair.

Waiting for breakfast...she just makes me smile.

And then the other kids get up, and it's all "game" in the house. Right now, they're doing a Shopkins egg hunt. Those Shopkins. Uggggg. They are ALL. OVER. the place.

Case in point. And yes, that is Caroline eating a dog bone. haha. She was carrying around a bone and Pete came and took it from her. She was like "Hey! You're supposed to eat these??" So she kept giving him bone, after bone, after bone. Then finally, I guess she decided...."If you like them, then maybe I will." hahaha. It was too funny not to get a picture...and THEN take it away.

Then it was time to ride bikes around the pool. All this before 8am. haha. 

That night was Awanas and my parents took all 3 kids this time (they usually leave the baby since it's WAY pass her bedtime when they get home) and Ron and I went on a date to see Hunger Games!

Then I came home and had to make 3 pans of Stuffing for Ron to take to work for Thanksgiving since he was working on Thanksgiving.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I make Chipped Beef Gravy for breakfast. My Nana made it for me when I was growing up, so I just feel like it's something we need to have. :)

But you better believe I put on my Thanksgiving Eating Outfit. Leggings and a Jersey Knit Dress. haha

And we headed off to the movies. One of my girlfriend's husband works the holidays most of the time since he's the head chef, so we usually go see a movie in the morning. I missed last year since it was like 3 days after Caroline was born, but we made it this year.

Then it was off to my parents' house.

In Florida, we catch butterflies in the winter. :)

My parents and the girls made the place cards one day when they had them over. They turned out super cute!

 I love that my grandparents still love to play with the kids. My girls love them so much.

Black Friday I woke up and put on my Christmas shirt and poured my coffee in my Christmas Tervis and we headed out! We were only looking for 2 things - new fridge and new mattress...which we decided NOT to get and jut to focus on the flooring.

But since we were on that side of town, the girls begged to go to Chipotle, because they love it there.

And then I came home and made my "Dessert".... brie cheese and cranberry salsa. YUMMMMMY!

Saturday was Christmas tree shopping day!

Ron is THE pickiest tree buyer, so I just let him do his thing and take pictures of the girls acting a muck. haha

FINALLY, he found the tree.... and Brooklynn found a Poinsetta. haha

I just love my little ham.

And then there was that cute little {Photoshoot} we did, randomly.

 All food will now be served on our Christmas plates. (you saw the Thanksgiving one up in the top of the post). These are from Pottery Barn Kids too. And of course the sandwich cutter has been changed out too.

 Tree decorating time!    Decorating with girls... doesn't really go the way I want it to. haha

But it turns out okay ;-)

And it was time to write letters to Santa. Autumn wanted one to write for Caroline too. She's so sweet....sometimes. haha.

And of course, when I headed to Walmart at like 7am this morning, I found the cutest Disney Christmas shirt for the girls to wear to Disney when we go!

And to end our little break... a nice swim in the pool...just because we can.

And now I'm laying out my clothes for my early morning workout...wondering if I"m really going to be able to get up that early after "lounging" around in the mornings for the last "week." We'll see!

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