Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Whirlwind of a "Week" with the Kids

Lately, my Mommy hat has been on full-force. I mean, not like it isn't always on, but you know what I mean. ;-)  

Last week was Brooklynn's class Thanksgiving party. Luckily, it was right during my planning time, so I was able sneak across the street and go watch.

She was so cute - and she was the prayer leader for that week, and I was pretty amazed that she would even talk out loud for everyone to hear her. The first few months of school, she wouldn't even say a word to the teacher, so I'm glad she's growing.

Then it was "feast time" where Caroline chowed down... of course.

and begged for Brooklynn's food too. haha

Loved being there! Love that I work right across the street, so it's pretty easy for me to sneak away.

Then, Friday, Caroline turned One! Here's her last day as a "baby."

And POOF! She's one now!  This is her favorite blanket. She drags it around everywhere... it's huge (for her), but she loves it.

Happy birthday sweet girl!!

If you want to see pictures of her Sunshine party, check them out {HERE}.
And the birthday photoshoot is {HERE}

Game night, but Caroline wanted to join too!

and here was movie night....It was the Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow movie. Pretty, cute, actually.

Caroline had other plans. 

Gosh I love them!

Probably one of my favorite pictures!

then... Monday... I gave MY classroom Thanksgiving Performance. It was pretty good! I hope the parents loved it as much as I did!  

But, JUST as I sat down for lunch, I got a call from the babysitter.  Brooklynn was throwing up nonstop. Great. So, luckily, it was pretty much a "done" day and I work with some great people...so I was able to leave. She, of course, threw up in the car, and then kept throwing up until about 5:00... she fell asleep for a little bit in the afternoon, but woke herself up when she had to throw up. She was pretty good about making it into her little bucket there, so it wasn't too bad.

But THEN, Caroline got it :( She was in her crib and when I went to get her out, she was covered in it. Poor thing. That has to be so horrible!  She threw up a few more times, and she was finished around 10/10:30. Thankfully. That is hard when you're home alone with sick kiddos....especially if more than one is sick at a time!

But, in between B's sickness, she wrote a little bit in her "book."

Thankfully, everyone slept all night and woke up feeling better.

And thankfully, Autumn didn't get the sickness....because that day was HER Thanksgiving performance. She was so cute.

I got to bring down my class to watch her perform.

I love the little baby in her backpack.

Love having her at my school so I can come see these things. My mom went that morning to her classroom to help out a little bit. I know she loved having her there for that too.

Then, right after school, it was time to take Caroline to her well visit. I was trying to get a picture of her....and she was being so silly...playing peekaboo with the camera. haha

She's such a stinker!! I just love her!

This little butterball turkey is 19 pounds and 29 inches long. 

Sometimes I look at everything I do at home, with the kids, for the house, for myself...and then everything I do for my classroom kids... I am constantly amazed that I am not asleep by 6:00 every night. haha. I feel like I should be utterly exhausted. Or maybe I am and just don't realize it because that's how I spend every minute of my life feeling?! haha. I don't remember life before it was a whirlwind. Honestly. I don't. 

But that's ok, because I have these silly girls as the reason why.

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