Sunday, September 6, 2015

Autumn Turns 6!

Well, my first baby girl is 6 now.

I know everyone says it, but wow! Time. Where does it go??

If you know me, you know I'm all about the cakes.

Her cake this year was a pool!

In the shape of a 6. With her Lego Friends..and Ninja Turtle Lego haha!

I just made the cake and after I put the fondant on it, I carved and scooped out the cake. I poured the jello on after I made it and it hardened in the bowl.

We had just a little pool party....complete with the slide for added entertainment. If you saw {my birthday party}, you know we had to bring it back.

The kids loved it and spent many hours on it!

Then it was cake time...

I bought some extra cupcakes just in case... good thing too!

Her actual birthday, we had school. That's okay though. She didn't mind.  I made her blue jello cups with whipped cream and fishies in it for her class, instead of cupcakes.

After gymnastics, we headed to the Ice Cream Depot for some birthday ice cream.

Brooklynn was amazed that she got a drink that big. ha!

The lady felt so sorry for Caroline that she couldn't have ice cream, she gave her a cone to munch on.

Brooklynn and me shared some dark chocolate ice cream. yum!

 That weekend,  we headed down to my grandparents. It's my grandpa's 82nd birthday!! My girls love my grandparents...and my parents.

They really are lucky to have all this family in their life.

One of my newest favorite pictures! Happy birthday to my grandpa and my baby girl!

It is crazy how much they grow every year. No wonder they are ALWAYS hungry! ha!

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