Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Weekend of Celebration!

These last few days have been so much fun...celebrating my friends and their days .... celebrating how special they are!

The celebration weekend started on Friday where we had Matteson's "party" at Painting with a Twist. Wine...girls...painting. Can't go wrong there!

Oh. My. Heavens. These girls crack me up!! 

Finished product... Not too shabby, I guess. It's hanging up. 

The next day, it was off to get my hair done! I had about 6 inch roots. No lie.

And I left looking 1,000 times better!

Just in time for Matterson's wedding! I blogged about it {HERE}. Make sure you check it out - it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

Sunday was recuperate day....and hang out with my babies day.  I just love this little girl!!! I'm terribly sad that she'll be a year old in just 3 days.

Then Monday was the day to celebrate one my best friend's birthday!! I love this girl. We are lobsters. haha. Yes, I know. It's weird. But lobsters mate for life. Don't you call your BFs lobsters!? haha.  Happiest Birthday to one of my favorites!

It was a great weekend to celebrate some pretty special girls!! Next weekend, more celebrating! Caroline turns a year. No more babies in the house. 


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