Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Disney - Post Halloween Fun

So, it's been a while since we've been to Disney. Since we have the passes, I really feel that we need to go at least once a month to make them worth it. And since it's been a while, I decided it was time to go - especially since I wanted to see them decorated for Fall and Halloween still before they decorated for Christmas. So, the day after {Halloween} it was!  

Ron was working, so April and Hailey went with us!

See?? Halloween Mickeys!

So, apparently, with Brooklynn's pass that we just got, you can DOWNLOAD the pictures from Disney's website!! For FREE!! Say, Whhhhaaat??? Yesssss!

So now we have to make sure that they scan her card whenever we go. Haha.

After we got there, we happened to hit the Dance Party.

Here's my Autumn shakin' her groove thang... my little stick white girl can NOT dance. hahaha

But, at least she doesn't care. She was having a good time.

Then we headed to Gaston's. We decided it was going to be a "cheat" day, because we really wanted to try a few things. First up, the cinnamon rolls at Gaston's.  We were UBER excited!

I mean... LOOK at that thing!

Unfortunately, we were a little disappointed. It was a little "stale" or dry...I definitely was expecting something a little more gooey or fluffly or....something.

Then we headed to Dumbo's. We stopped off at the play area in the Dumbo ride. Caroline was having fun running around.

The big girl cart.

After that, we were heading to "somewhere" and saw that Cinderella was only 30 minutes wait.  Um... yeah. Right. 

I think this picture was taken almost 45 minutes after we had been in line and we had NOT moved but like THREE feet. 

We left the line. We went to ride on the Merry Go Round in stead. 

Brooklynn was much happier here. lol. I think we all were, honestly.

THEN it was off to get our ice cream! The ice cream parlor has some really good ice cream. I like to get the kids' cone...and they put little cookies on it to make it look like Mickey...which just makes it PERFECT.

We found this little fenced in grassy area where the girls could kind of roam and Caroline could run around and get all her energy out.

And Mary Poppins "popped" in! You just never know who will you run into and where you run into them at Disney.

This is how I feel about Disney, too, Caroline!

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