Monday, May 19, 2014

Time to be a Butterfly!

One of my favorite saying is "Sometimes you just have to be a butterfly." I actually LOVE butterflies! You know why?? Because they CHANGE from a caterpillar. To me, they are a symbol of life... because life is ALWAYS changing... whether you planned it that way or not. And even if you didn't plan it...if it's an ugly situation, it'll turn out ok! I mean the butterfly isn't pretty as a caterpillar, is it?? But after it changes, it's beautiful.. just like life. you have your ugly moments.. and your beautiful moments...but nothing every stays the same. And here's just a little snippet of how my life's been like a butterfly.

Life's been a *little* crazy lately.  Things are definitely changing around here.

First... there's the BIG news of the BUMP!

YEP! Baby C is on its way!!

We're not really sure when C is due...but according to size, sometime around Thanksgiving.

I think my first reaction was "Oh, boy!" (or girl...probably), but then I got to thinking.... Life's already chaotic, how much more could it really get? lol

Blooper from the photoshoot.... just to prove that kids make everything so much more fun. 

So, that's the one thing...

the other thing is that I'm moving schools... and grades! eeek!!!

I've called Turner home for 10 years of my 11 years of teaching. It's bittersweet to leave. I will miss a lot of my friends there...people who I've known for the last 10 years.  But I'm so excited to be starting this new chapter of my teaching career. It'll be a whole new world to me.

So I've been doing a lot of purging... and packing....

I've already taken 8 large tubs to a storage unit... and I've packed up ONE of my filing cabinets...

The other filing cabinet will take probably 8-10 boxes because it is SO jammed packed, I can't even get things out of it! lol

I've also been PURGING!! This is only the pile I had after one hour of purging... I have TONS more... I sent an email out to my school telling them to come grab what they wanted... the rest was going to go in the trash! Yep... I'm one of those... I don't have the time or patience to sell things. Just want to be DONE! lol

Anyway... the THIRD thing that's changing is that my parents are moving back!!! 

It's been 7 LOOOONG years since they've moved out to Colorado. And gosh darn it, I'm SO ready for them to be back!!! Especially with baby C on the way. wooo!! I can't wait to hang out with my parents again, and the girls just LOVE them!

Time to be a butterfly!