Monday, November 2, 2015


Halloween day. We did a lot on Halloween, actually.

We went swimming .... yep. The last day of October, it was warm enough to go swimming.  I'm thankful for that, mostly so we can still use our pool. But other than that, I wouldn't mind it getting cooler. But I like that we can still go in the pool or to the beach!

This little cutie got DOUSED in baby powder from Brooklynn, so she had to get a bath in the morning.

I actually go my workout in! I was home alone the morning because Ron had to do some things at the station, but I was still able to keep the kids busy enough to get in my workout!

Then we took the dog for a walk. Which started out great....

But then turned into a Brooklynn meltdown because she didn't get to push the stroller MORE than Autumn.

She was SCREAMING as loud as a banshee down the sidewalk.

Lol. This picture just makes me laugh.

For lunch, they had jack-o-lantern sandwiches.

Then it was time to get ready to go to our friend's house for trick-or-treating. 

So you remember that I got them ALL Batman costumes, right??

Well, we had some costume changes...

First, it was WAY too hot for C's long sleeves, so we made hers into a tank top.

And then Hailey has a nice array of dress up clothes, and Autumn decided she was going to be Elsa for Halloween....NOT the Batman that I bought her. Oy.

But she does make a beautiful Elsa, I must say!

Then Brooklynn got in on the action!

April was some kind of fairy or queen or princess??? Or 90s prom girl. haha

The boys were Batman. So funny that they BOTH were original.

Brooklynn did decide to go back to her Batman costume though. Whew!

These pictures crack me up. Ron gets so annoyed at me that I want to take pictures...especially when the first ones aren't good enough...

"REALLY?!!?? C'mon!" hahaha

This house had like a DJ system going on.

The girls banked on the candy, which makes my healthy-mama side twitch. But I give them the week after Halloween, and then we get rid of the candy. 

I really try to stay out of their candy because of this...

Next year, I might try doing this...

What do you do with all the candy??

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