Thursday, November 6, 2014

Brooklynn Wynter's Birth Story

So this is my sweet little Brooklynn's birth story!

You can read Autumn's story {HERE} and the story of our miscarriage {HERE}

This was Christmas Day... our last family picture as a family of 3!

The night before we had to go into the hospital, being goofy with my momma.

Brooklynn was a planned birth. She was due January 2nd. But because of a snafoo with our insurance and the fact that my doctor was going to be out of town and may not be around to deliver her, we opted to be induced on the 28th of December.

That meant that I had to go in on the 27th. He had to give me some kind of medication (maybe pitocin?) that took 24 hours to work its magic to put me into labor. I started having some serious contractions but I wasn't dilating nor had my water broken. There was a point where they said they had to go in an break my water and that would hopefully help with the dilating.  Since my contractions were pretty bad, I went ahead and told them to give me the epidural.

They gave me the epidural and then broke my water.

Time went on and on and on... still no dilating.

FINALLY, I started to dilate.

But the epidural had worn off by this point.

Too late to do anything about it at this point.

She was coming!

Have you ever given a natural birth?? It was THE coolest thing I've EVER felt in my life. I could feel her arms and shoulders and everything coming through.

After 3 pushes, 8 minutes, Brooklynn was born!!

Brooklynn Wynter Ross
December 28, 2011 3:03 p.m.
8 pounds, 2 ounces
21 inches long

Autumn got to come see her sister...and it just melted my heart how much she loved her!

This is one my favorite pictures of all time. Autumn just loved the nose sucker thing and thought it was a toy to play with.  She was so excited about that thing! 

Then it was time to go home! We actually got to leave early, but it felt like I was at the hospital for an eternity since I had to go in a day early for the initial medicine.

And so our family grew from 3 to was complete! 

Or so we thought... then came baby Caroline!

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