Monday, November 30, 2015

Goodbye November

Today was many things.

First day after Thanksgiving Break.
Cyber Monday.
A Monday at work.
The last day of November.

Ron worked yesterday, which meant that he was getting off this morning. I gathered up all my little Ross girls and headed to work until he got off and came and got them.  

We were walking through the library and they were all holding hands. I mean... just melt my heart.

And then again down the hallway. I mean. I know I'm slightly biased and all, but gosh they are cute!

Even though today was many things, it was just another day.

I came home from work and hung out with the girls, made dinner, and then I headed in to workout. I was pumped, so I was going to do TWO workouts. I got all the way through my first one, and about 7 minutes into my next one when Autumn comes in telling me of what they were doing. 

So I hit stop on my workout and went outside to enjoy the last night of November with the family. A fire by the pool, under the stars, and the girls drinking their hot "totoa" (as Brooklynn calls it.)  

Goodbye November.

You were good to us. It was a crazy month. We did TONS. Laughed a lot. Loved a lot. Can't wait for December!

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