Monday, July 27, 2015

A Splash of My Birthday Party

So, it is said that after the age of 12, people don't celebrate their birthdays anymore.

Well, I'm sorry.  That is just crazy!!  Why would you NOT want to celebrate the day you were born?!! I mean, without that day, that day however many years ago, that your mother labored you into this world and shed her tears of joy when she saw you, then you would not exist, my friend.  Your birthday is the most important day of your life. Not your wedding. Not the day you give birth to your children. Nope. It's YOUR birthday. You would not be here to have all those wonderful memories and other special and important days if it wasn't for your BIRTHday.

So celebrate it!

Celebrate that you were able to be here for another year. Celebrate that you were surrounded by your loved ones.  Celebrate that you have made new memories....even if some of them weren't such happy ones, celebrate!!

It doesn't have to be with presents and a huge thematic party.  But, darn it - CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE!

So, that's what I do. Every year. I like to make a big to-do over it.  My husband doesn't get it. But he's starting to realize that every year, I want my birthday acknowledged.

Well, this year, I actually did have a party.  I don't always. But I really wanted to. I'm not turning a special number or anything. I'm only turning 33.

But I did it up.  And we had fun!

Haha - Matteson was BOUND and determined to go down the slide standing up... it was impossible. But she had fun trying!


We were trying to get a group picture on the slide..and we kept falling off! haha!

THERE. There we go.

We actually had the slide for the day before too. The girls had a lot of fun doing "test" runs.

Haha! I love this picture of Brooklynn!

After we were finished with the slide and swimming, it was time for S'mores! Aka - my birthday cake :)

I had said it was a no kid party, so we could all just enjoy ourselves and hang out with each other as adults and friends and not worry about all of our kids....because with all of us there, we would've had about 10-12 kids. That's just too many for my liking when I just want to be an adult.

However, Caroline was there... but she slept most of the time. haha

So, it was inevitable.

I hurt myself.  I knew it was going to happen. I had slipped down the steps too many times.  Too bad nobody got that on camera! haha! One time, Ron was coming up behind me and I was falling down the steps and I knocked him down and just kept on going, right into the pool! haha! WHERE was the camera for that one!?!

And then one time, I actually fell on to the side of the pool and fell in that way. woops!

But honestly. It was the best time. If you can't be goofy and silly with your Biffles, who can you be silly with?!

It was a great way to celebrate my birthday!

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