Thursday, March 2, 2017

Race Weekend

Race weekend!

Last month, I had a Disney 1/2 marathon race to run... it didn't happen. Florida weather. Ugh.

This month... I had a Glass Slipper Challenge to run (10K and a 1/2 marathon).

Weather was PERFECT.

I left work Friday and headed to the Expo and packet pick up. Let me tell you. A Disney Expo is really awesome. So MUCH energy and excitement and vendors just PACKED into the building. The expo always takes my money. lol

Headed to the hotel afterwards to get some dinner with my friends who were there for the race too.

Then... bed.

Because I had a 3:30 alarm to get up Saturday morning for my first run.

Tori and I were ready to go!

We didn't stop for any pictures for the 10K. I was just kind of in my "mindset" of need to just run and finish it.  But when we ran through Epcot, it was just so beautiful.

and we got our medals...

BTW... there were lines to get pictures with the Princesses. There were only 2. Neither one of them I was TOO excited about... but woudn't you know. As soon as we got out of line, they switched the princess in our line to Ariel! Son of

That's okay - Ron and Jody were headed over with the girls for their race! Autumn was NOT feeling her best. She still had the flu.  But she refused to NOT run her race. It was only a mile. I figured she would be okay. Her and Leala really like to run together, anyway.

This picture warms my heart.

My sick little girl with her 3rd medal.

Hanging out after the race watching the other "teams."

After the race, Ron and the girls and I headed out for lunch. They left to go back home and then I headed back to the hotel. 

I spent a good hour or 2 laying in the sun, listening to my audiobook and drifting in and out of sleep.

It was PURE heaven.

Then I headed back to the hotel and drifted in and out of sleep for the rest of the night... because I had another 3:30 wake up call.

Let me tell you. 
The morning of the this race was NOT the best morning. 
I could barely walk because my heel hurt SO. FREAKING. BAD.
I sat for AN HOUR in stand-still traffic to drive 5 minutes to get to Epcot for the race.
And the race itself is SO packed, that you can't really run the don't try to P.R. in those races, unless you're in corral A or B.

But it's definitely a FUN race!

Here are some pics from the 13 miles of fun. 




Aside from standing in lines for pictures, we pretty much "ran" the whole thing. I'm impressed with us. My heel was in so much pain, Tori had her own pains, the race was packed... but we did it.

I'm kind of in love with this set of medals.

Also, while at the Expo, I bought these Oofos shoes. I had a few friends recommend them to me for my planter fasitis. 

They aren't the prettiest. But MAN, they are SO support and comfy. I won't wear anything else in my house now.... I'm debating whether or not to get a "pretty" pair for wearing out and about.

So that's my race weekend. My last Disney race (unless I get to do DisneyLAND over in CA). I'm happy with how they turned out.

Who would have ever thought I would be running 10Ks and 1/2 marathons.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Week in review

This week in review - is not much of a review. lol. It was another sick week for the Ross clan. This time, it was mostly Autumn. 

But here are the few pictures that I took this past week....

Saturday, I finally started feeling like a human being again - I had spent a good 3-4 days dying from a headache and fever.... then it was Brooklynn's turn. 

Sunday we had to go shopping for an antenna for our TV so we could watch the Super Bowl... we don't have cable (we rely on Netflix and Amazon), so Ron went and found an antenna...

Meanwhile, I went shopping for Valentine's shirts. haha - amazingly, I found this shirt at WalMart!

That day we practiced doing the Valentine Cards we were going to make in my class... Autumn's turned out SO cute! If you want to see more about these cards, you can check out the post on my teacher blog HERE

Random picture of the day... we have to lock up the fridge, in addition to all cabinets and drawers. lol

And because Caroline is such a fire cracker, she's always getting hurt.... this time the kitchen bar stool fell on her foot. I seriously thought the bone on the top of her foot might have gotten cracked, but she started walking on it just fine after a few minutes. 

annnnd.... who needs an excuse not to fold laundry?? I certainly don't need one, but Caroline sure does give me a good one. 

Because we've all been so sick, we just stayed home for the game... so I made football meatloaf. lol

They looked better before the cheese got all melted - haha

Also, Caroline graduated to a big girl mattress! Girl got potty trained and got out of a crib all within a week of each other.

I'm not sure where pictures are from Monday - Wednesday... lol

But Thursday, it was my turn to stay home with a sick kid. So, I got to go to Caroline's dance party at her school. 

This girl.. she is SUCH a ham!!

On the way to Brooklynn's school, B found a bandanna in the car (random things you find in a car, right??)....
B: "What is this thing??? OH!! I know!! It's one of those things you put over your eyes and then you try to figure out what's in your hand!?"

lol... totally made me laugh. 

After I dropped off B at school, I headed back to Caroline's school for the dance party. 

It was so cute. Girl wouldn't stay still for me to get a good picture though. 

She was obsessed with these balloons.

Oh, she melts my heart.  

This was all fun and games until mama had to leave - she screamed and cried so loud and for so long (they said)... it almost makes me not want to go to things at her school, because I know she'll do that. I hope she grows out of that soon.

Meanwhile, when we got back home, Autumn was "doped up" on medicine (Motrin - ha!) and was feeling well enough to help me do a practice on our dino snack for school tomorrow.

Dino snack! There's a "fossil" in the middle of all the "earth's layers."

After I picked up the girls, I decided we needed to have a break for dinner... so we headed to one of our favorite places - Long Doggers. We get to sit outside and listen to music.

Autumn is always mesmerized by live music...especially when it's a girl. lol 

They were so well behaved! I was actually getting compliments on taking the 3 of them out by myself and they were behaving so well. lol #momwin !

Friday was back to work.. then I came home and it was time for relaxing....

and let me tell you... whenever Ron grabs the vacuum and starts cleaning (in any way, actually), it really just makes me happy. lol. 

And when Brooklynn and Caroline play so nicely together, that just makes my heart happy too. So I guess you'd say it was a good Friday night. lol

Well, I hope you enjoy your weekend! I will be trying to get rid of this cough - I'm pretty sure my bronchitis is trying to make a comeback. Ugh. I am SO tired of being sick.