Thursday, November 12, 2015

Food and Wine Fest

Today was a Disney without Kids Day.

We felt bad for not bringing the kids, for about 5 minutes - haha!

I was pretty excited because they were already decorated for Christmas. I LOVE Disney during Christmas time!  We weren't in the park for more than a minute before I was all "picture, picture, picture!" You will notice that most pictures Ron is in with me, he's pretty "over" taking pictures...even if it's the first or only picture that day. lol. He likes to play the Grinch, but he really does love it, deep inside, somewhere. 

As we were walking trying to find food, we saw what looked like a filming of some sort...we asked around and "oh, that's Reba." 


Oh, hey there Reba!

Then Seal performed on stage too.  Just look at that beautiful blue Florida sky.

Then we headed off to our first ride. sidenote. I have never been on ANY of the mountain rides. That I can remember anyway.  I was like a 10 year old kid pretty darn excited to ride the roller coasters!

On our way over to Splash Mountain, we made a detour to get Dole Whips, April's first.

Then it was Splash Mountain time!! Yessss!

Sorry for blocking you, April...

Then it was Thunder Mountain time.  Yep - hit them all today!

After Thunder Mountain it was time to move out! 

But first.. more pictures!

One of my new favorites....

I'm not even sure if we could have gotten a better picture than this if we TRIED. Ron is actually "participating" in the picture!

Then it was off to Epcot!! It was our first Food and Wine festival. I was pretty excited. 

We dubbed the day - Man VS. Food, Disney Edition! haha!   I was on a mission to document all of our good eats.

But, of course, I missed the first country - Scotland, where we had Haggis and Scallop with spinach and cheddar that was SO good!

2nd stop - Hawaii - pork slider and Tuna Poke

I missed the 3rd stop, Dominican Republic. Ron ordered the food while I ran to the bathroom... so I don't even know what it was, but it was GOOD!!

4th stop - Greece. Gyro and Spanikopita

Canada - Cheese soup and Filet Mignon

France - Escargot Croissant and Creme Brule

and some kind of sparking drink.

Brazil was Pork Belly and Cheese Bread. 

Belgium - Chocolate ganache waffles and good!

Dessert Cart - cream soda float and chocolate cherry explosion

and truffles...

and Frozen S'mores - hahaha

So, that was the food.  What else did we do at Epcot?

Made a fool of ourselves at each of the countries - ha!  It's fun going with someone that will be silly with you. Ron is not always so inclined to "act a fool" with me. haha

AND at some point we were walking by just at the right time and GOOFY came and grabbed April...and I ran after April and grabbed on to her! He was taking us down the pathway...I was all excited thinking we were going to be headed through the gate to something special. haha.

But pictures with the characters is just as good :)

and the finale....

HANSON!  you know... like MMMM, BOP!

Cheesy, yes I know. The men were pretty annoyed that we stayed for it, but whatever. we left after 4 songs...right after Mmmm Bop!

It was a great day, all around (minus our girl Jen getting sick - boo!)

Bye Disney.... See you real soon!

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