Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekend Recap

So this weekend, I spent as a single mom. Ron worked all weekend. But it's ok. I don't let having 3 kids in tow slow me down... except when it comes to getting my hair done. Boo. Nevermind that Autumn told me the other day "Mommy - you have brown hair on top and blond hair on the bottom."
That was my cue that I needed to get my hair done.

BUT, not this weekend. Probably one of few things I CAN'T get done with all my kids with me.

BUT, we did get TONS done this weekend!  I had a ton on my to-do list.... Shopping for C's birthday and Christmas outfits and house decor...

I needed some "sunshiney" clothes but of course it's FALL... but it's not really FALL in Florida. So I went to BEALLS thinking they wouldn't steer me wrong. UNfortunatley... they did. BUT, I did learn that shopping with 3 kids isn't SO bad anymore. ha!  I don't even have to push the cart!

So the next stop was the Mall. If you know me, you know I do NOT like going to the mall.  BUT, when you have kids, sometimes it's inevitable, I guess.    We had to go to Crazy 8, Children's Place, Gap, NObody had what I was looking for...

but we did have some good entertainment at H&M. lol. Every time I watch this video, I just get so happy. If you knew my Brooklynn... she's SO shy in public. She's THE loudest and silliest person I know, but when you take her out, she's hiding behind my legs and running the other way.  But for whatever reason she decided to started to busta move in H&M and I love it!

So then it was off to Target...our favorite store!  Except we went to the one on the other side of town. When I pulled in to the parking lot, Brooklynn goes "This isn't OUR target... What's this Target!?" haha

I got one of those BUS of a carts... where there are 2 seats and then I could stick C in the cart seat. Except they didn't have a seatbelt for her. WELL..she figured out she could put her feet on the seats in front of her and stand up. She was CRACKING herself up. So stinkin' cute!

Then, it was off to a birthday party!

Autumn says "Mazie and Cooper have the BEST house!" 

They got pretty dirty at the party, so when I got to my parent house so she could take them to church, I needed to give them a shower. My mom had a shower cap, which was perfect since I didn't want to wash the girls' hair. Apparently, it was the first time they ever used a shower cap. They were SO amused with how it sounded and felt. But when they got out!? ahahhaha! I took the cap off Autumn's hair, her eyes got SUPER big and she goes "Wooooow! My hair's dry! It's like magic!" haha. 

Sunday came and I was in my "organization" mood.  I was changing out pictures...

Just waiting on Brooklynn's school picture...and I'm going to use Caroline's birthday picture.

While I was organizing, the girls were working on some school stuff. You can read about it on my {Teacher by the Beach} blog and grab the freebie if you want.

Then it was off to Target again! haha

This time I got myself my Christmas shirt for this year. It's the same style as my {Halloween} shirt.

You know what I like? That I'm wearing my Christmas shirt with shorts and flip flops. haha!

Target also had our stools on sale that we wanted.

And while I was at it...I cleaned our kitchen SUPER clean. Can I just say..... when this kitchen is nice and clean, it makes me so happy!!! I will just sit in the kitchen all day!

Made the girls some muffins....I decided to put them in my "cake" display that I got for Caroline's birthday party. I mean, why not use it every day!? Right?

and the girls were doing their "thing" outside while I was cleaning inside.   I love it when they play outside in the dirt...I dont' know why. Maybe because it reminds me of being kids. ha!

Tomorrow is Monday.  That's all I really have to say about that. lol

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