Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Brooklynn Turns 3!

It's official. My Baby B isn't really a baby anymore. She's all grown up. 
Well, 3 years old is pretty grown up to me, when she was just my baby!!

Sunday was Brooklynn's birthday.  Before the sun was even up, she was dressed and ready to shout to the world, "It's my Birthday Time!!"

Crafting with her big sister... look at that concentration!

 Lunch at one of her favorite places.

Then we headed to the beach! Because us Ross girls always go to the beach on our birthdays, even in December!  Caroline was enjoying it too.

Such a beautiful day!
Just so you know, the beach is empty because I have a secret beach I go to. All of the regular beach spots were actually so packed, you couldn't find a parking spot.

The weirdest thing happened while we were there. The girls were playing in the water and I was sitting down with Caroline, and I look up and I see this "shadow" walking by.  It was my mom! I just love that we have the possibility to run into my parents now.  So we took a walk down the beach (to the crowded beach) to go find my dad - where he was surfing.

We found him!

Brooklynn got her wish... she became a mermaid for her birthday!

And then they buried her alive.

After the beach we headed to Daddy's station. He had to work that day, but I didn't want him to NOT celebrate Brooklynn's birthday. So we brought cupcakes and the guys at the station all sang to her. What a lucky girl!

The next day, we had our family over to help celebrate her birthday.  Baby Jack was sportin' the 80s headband look..lol.

And it was cake time! I made her the 3 cake, it was super simple! I found this You Tube video. It was so easy, it came out the first try. 

And of course we had to add a new line on the growth chart!

I also added in Caroline's birth length, so now all three girls are on the ruler!

I made this ruler. If you want to see how I did it, check out my post {HERE}.

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  1. So not to be a crazy stalker person, but are you near Daytona because 'your' sand looks a lot like mine and it is very particular to our coast...