Saturday, November 28, 2015

Random Christmas Photoshoot

So, it didn't start off as photoshoot... Ron and I were outside cleaning/purging the garage (PTL!!), but the girls dressed themselves in their Santa outfits and Caroline was still in her PJs.... they just looked so darn cute! So, I ran inside to get the camera, of course. Because that's what anyone would do who has a trigger happy finger and the "need" for documenting everything. haha

Haha - Caroline's face in this picture cracks me UP!

This one MIGHT be my favorite!  Christmas Card???  Mind you, these are NOT the outfits I bought for their Christmas pictures..haha.

Oh. My. Lanta - those eyes!

And since we were cleaning out the garage, we, of course, had boxes lying around...and when you put boxes and kids in the same is inevitable that they WILL gravitate towards the boxes. lol

Kids in a box!!

I love Kids being Kids!

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