Sunday, November 22, 2015

ABC Photoshoot - take 2

Every birthday, I do a balloon photo shoot. I always get a bunch of helium balloons and then we walk across the street to the lake and take pictures. For Caroline's birthday, it was pretty hard because the wind was blowing and then there's the whole "baby" thing where they don't really do what they're supposed to do. haha. (more birthday pictures {HERE})

I was also doing an updated ABC photo shoot at the same time, and Autumn was patiently waiting for her turn... she just looked so pretty waiting there.

So, when I announced our baby news, I did a cute little ABC photoshoot (see more {HERE})

We thought it was funny with the blooper we got - it's real life, my friends. I hide nothing.

Well.... THIS time, it was even more fun! Fun. That's the word. It's pretty hard getting all 3 kids to looks, smile, do right....especially with they're young. haha.  I just crack up looking at these pictures.

This one is pretty cute....

FINE. Put the letters down.  

That's kinds of a good picture, right??

and then.....

we lost them. haha

This one might be my favorite! Definitely one for the frame, I think! Maybe even to send out for the Christmas cards!?! IF, I actually send out Christmas cards this year (oops!)

Got a few good ones of Caroline though!

Well, we were going to try to do another try today, but it's nothing but rain today, so we'll take what we can get! Whatever. They're kids. It's not going to be perfect. Well, it is perfect, because they're kids...and they're cute...and they're real life...and they have TONS of personality.

So I'll take it!

Their outfits are from

shirt s and gold skirts - Crazy 8
white skirt - Target
bows - {Ellie Bellie}

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