Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goodbye September!

What a crazy month September is!! Between the beginning of the school year, Autumn's birthday, and just every day life.... I'm not sure how how much more we can cram into the month.

Here's our September in Review

Autumn turned 6 - check it out {HERE}

We FINALLY finished the kitchen's backsplash!  I also painted one of the stool to see if I would like the color combo - I LOVE it, actually!

The girls have been obssessed with Just Dance Videos on YouTube. They are so cute to watch. You can see the ones I have save in my Just Dance Playlist {HERE}.

Autumn has also been watching a lot of "How To" YouTube videos, so she's been making clothes for Elsa with Play-Doh. haha. Whatever. She's the creative type, I guess.

And we've had some "hang and be silly" times whenever we can.

Not sure how I ever get anything done with how cute these kids are. haha

Caroline started sleeping in her crib at night....mostly. You can check out her 10 month old post {HERE}

We had to have a rental car - and all they had was a sedan.  Brooklynn loved the tiny car because it was tiny like her!

Caroline has had QUITE the month... sleeping in the crib, learning to stand all by herself.

Autumn started Awanas. She and Brooklynn go on Wednesdays with my parents. Brooklynn gets to be in Awanas when she's 4. She's pretty excited.

September was filled some great beach days. Including some days where Autumn surfed!

We had a busy weekend with family in from Hawaii. 

Friday's Fun {HERE

Saturday's Fun{HERE

Sunday's Fun {HERE}

Sometimes you just have be goofy. I'm not sure I could love this girl's smile any more than I do. It just lights up my day!

AND September means I can start running again!!

This girl... I just can't even. 

Bringing my work home with me is sometimes futile. haha

The last week of the month was a little more crazy than I wanted, complete with a car accident...I call that week {The Week of Chaos}.

But to end our September, Caroline took her first steps!

Oh, October - I love you so!! I can't wait to see what the next month will bring.

Friday, September 25, 2015

I'm Exhausted - The Week of Chaos

So, can we talk about how the last week has been? Starting from last Thursday??
I am utterly exhausted. Worn out. Can barely talk, but I have a voice...I just don't have the energy to talk. I don't have the energy to react or have expression. 

Let me break this down for you so you can understand why I'm so tired.

Let's start with last Thursday.

Last Thursday was Open House. I worked until 7:30 that night. I was exhausted and then I had to go home and make stuffing for 2 hours for our family Thanksgiving the next day.

Friday, I worked all day, and went straight to my parents' house for Thanksgiving since the Hawaiians were in town. (See that post {HERE} if you want)

Saturday - woke up, went to the beach and played hard, then went to my parents' house for lunch, then came home and had everyone over here for lunch and pool time and football time.  (See that post {HERE} if you want)

Sunday - went grocery shopping at the break of dawn, then went to the beach for the family beach picnic.  (See that post {HERE} if you want)  Then I came home, cleaned up, and did some school work.

Monday - The Car.

I'm leaving home in the morning with the girls in the car. I left my phone at home, and I though "Eh, I can live without it." Little did I know, this would be the day that I really did NEED it.  

On the way to work, my battery light turns on, and another light that says "check charger connection" or something like that. I got to the babysitter's to drop off B and C, but left the car running. Then I got to school. I was worried that the battery would be dead after work, but it started. whew! But as I was driving to Mimi's it started acting funny. Great.  I got to Mimi's and called Ron.  Told him I was headed to the station so he could look at it or tell me what to do.

But as I was driving, the car stopped in the middle of the road. But it was still on. So it wasn't the battery. Problem was, I was in the middle of someones' driveway (I was turning around to get out of the neighborhood.)... the car wouldn't reverse. When I stepped on the gas, it didn't even rev. I put it in neutral to try to push it out. It wouldn't BUDGE. 

Now, I don't claim to be She-Ra, but I'm pretty sure I can push a car in neutral. Something was wrong.  I finally moved it enough to where I could put in drive and get it going again.  I made to the fire station where it just DIED. Nothing.

I was exhausted. I just wanted to go home. So we put the carseats in Ron's truck and had a tow truck come and get the van.

Tuesday - after work we went and got the van from Honda, All fixed!  Then we went out to eat. We didn't get home until almost 8:00.

Wednesday.  Wednesday was Awanas for the girls. I had to pick them up, drive them over to my parents' house, and then go home. While the time at home was nice and relaxing, when the kids got home, it's way passed their bedtime and they are over tired and cranky and screaming until about 9:00. Not a fun time.

On a side note, but Autumn has earned her vest for Awanas! She's so proud!!


Oh, boy. 


After school, I had a conference that lasted longer than expected. No biggie, but then I ran (late) to our faculty meeting. Now, On Thursdays, I need to leave by 3:35 to get all the girls, get the changed, and to gymnastics on time. Well, our meeting ran late. It was 3:45 before I could leave, bolted to get the girls. We were late, but we made it.

We left gymnastics and went out to eat, like we normally do. On our way home is where the "fun" begins.

So. The girls and I got into an accident on the way home.

We are all okay!  And that's all that matters.

So we are in a turning lane, like several cars back. There is a big 1980s pick up truck in front of me, with steel bumpers and a hitch. We are both stopped. The light turns green. The car behind me decides it's time to go and then hits me...and I hit the car in front of me. 


Autumn is in the back crying, which makes Caroline cry. I have no idea what's going on.

I get out and look...yep, the front of the car is done. Radiator is busted and leaking.

I call 911.

They send the cops and fire department...and guess what??? The guys know me. ha! I guess it was good. They got me calmed down and were talking to me and keeping the girls occupied until Ron got there. He was on shift at another station. They got coverage for him to come to the scene. Then we drove my car off the road onto a vacant lot. Ron stayed with the car waiting for the tow truck and I took the truck home with all the girls. Luckily, someone came and got Ron to take him back to work and I didn't have to drive back to pick him up. 

Ugh. I'm tired.


Friday was Apple Day at school. Unbelievable. Really??  I couldn't cancel it. I had parents coming to volunteer. The kids really have been good, so I couldn't justify taking it away from them.

The show must go on.

But let me tell you, those theme days can be exhausting.  And when you're already exhausted??

The day went well, but let's just say I'm so overly tired. Not to mention, Ron was dealing with insurance companies, car rentals, and me.

 I don't care if I ever get out of my pajamas this weekend...unless it's into a bathing suit.

I'm not sure if there's anything else I could handle right now. 

I'm really ready for this "week" to be over. For real. 

Please and Thank You!

But just remember, tomorrow is a new day, right?!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Family Weekend - Sunday!

Sunday was our last day of our little family reunion weekend. 

(See our Thanksgiving Dinner we did on Friday HERE)
(See our Fun Saturday Day HERE)

So Sunday.

Sunday was our planned family picnic at the beach day. Not to be confused with our impromptu family day at the beach on Saturday. haha.  We rented a pavilion on the beach. The kids got there and were ready to head on down to the water. 

And some stayed up top and were diving into the watermelon. The face says it all.

Hans and Hossie having a little talk.

The babes were having fun in the cooler. Some icy water to keep them occupied.

Back down on the sand, the kids were having fun in the water. Ron was pulling them on the boogie board and "gliding" them.

and building sandcastles...well, actually, snowmen....

and trying to keep babies from destroying them.

Grandpa Woody helping little Joshua.

Then Hans took Autumn out to surf.

Yeah, girll!!!!!

So stinkin' proud of her!!!

Baby Jack and Demi as the cheering squad.

Grandpa Woody keeping the littles entertained. If you could have heard those laughs and giggles.

Mermaid Autumn!

Ron "saved" Jason from the rough waters. haha. Always on duty.

THEN it was time to get a picture of all the kids. hahahahahaha.


Hans trying to make Jack happy and Brooklynn lose her grumpy look....

None of the kids were laughing, but the adults were CRACKING up...

Then Hans tried a new technique...haha.

Well, folks. What do you want. It's a whole bunch of kids ages 10 months to 10 years (almost).

And Joshua gets the prize for being the best in the picture!! haha. Such a cutie.

Then it was time to clean up and head home.

But not before some more family photos.

Nana and Hoss - the head of the family.

And our attempt at a family photo. Just need Erich and Karissa and their baby girls and it'd be a complete family pic.

Then the girls had to say goodbye. I have a feeling that Autumn will be asking for Faith for a long time to come.

Cute little girls.  Maybe next time we'll visit Hawaii!