Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life Lately: Summer Vacation Week 8

Week 8.  Not much going on this week. It has reached the point of summer where I'm tired. ha! I'm tired of planning things to do, tired of being on the run. tired of keeping the children entertained. 

The children are acting crazy. They are getting on my nerves. We need routine back in our lives! I need routine in my life!!

Seriously. Pray for my sanity....pray for their survival!

One day, we were outside and we found a TURTLE in our pool!! Like a real one. We have 5 ceramic tile turtles in our pool - a daddy, mommy, and 3 babies.  It's a joke that we really can't have any more kids because we have the turtles in the pool now. So when we found this turtle, my husband was all...."um, this better not be a sign that you're pregnant!" haha!! Oh Lordy-Bee! Help us all. But, no. As far as I know, there is no new baby news. haha!

I'm halfway finished with my 21 day fix program! I'm loving the workouts!!
And don't mind the messy bed. Actually... LOOK on top of the bed!! If you knew me... you'd be proud that the laundry is actually folded! haha!

We took a little trip down to Habitat for Humanity's homestore one day to see if there was anything we needed for our house. The only thing we were contemplating was a set of bunk beds for the girls. We didn't get it though. Good thing, because my parents went down the next day to GET those bunk beds! haha! So weird.

We stopped off at one of my favorite restaurants to grab some lunch, Captain Hiram's.

I just love sitting along the "windows" so we can watch the water.

Brooklynn is less than thrilled. haha. 

Then we stopped by this gorgeous landscaping nursery. We got a few ideas, but at this point, I was tired and just wanted to go home. lol

Most of our days have been lazy days. But that's okay. It's summer. we're supposed to be lazy right?!

Autumn has tried her hand in photography. haha.

She's been photographing the babies.

Annnnd...pretty much they've been driving me crazy. I love my girls, I really do. But I wouldn't be mad if someone wanted to take them for a few days! haha!

OH! And I had my totally awesome birthday party!!  Check out the fun {HERE}

So, that's about it. Not much for that week.  Next week is my last week of summer vacay! eeek!

Check out the rest of our summer vacation so far!

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