Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Disney in July - Frozen Summer

We love Disney. We try to go at least once a make the passes worth the money, for one. haha!

Yesterday, we headed out early in the we usually do... except that it was SO crowded...even the line to get on the monorail to get into the part had a really long line! What in the world!?

Well, we finally made it into the park (we missed our first fast pass because it took way longer than we thought to get in), and headed in to see Tink.

We love Tink!! She is Brooklynn's favorite!  Except that she's so shy she won't do anything when she sees Tink. lol

Last time, we got Brooklynn an autograph book. Autumn's is pretty full, but we wanted to wait to get Brooklynn one, since she was only 2 when we started that means we have to see all the characters again. lol  Oh well.

After Tinker Bell, we headed over to see Jasmine. 

Jasmine is one of my favorites! A woman that knows what she wants and won't let anyone make her do something she doesn't believe in. I remember when I was about 9 years old and I had the soundtrack tape. I would belt out all the songs from this movie.

Look at my little B. She's such a ham!

Caroline was infatuated too!

Afterwards, we headed over to ride the magic carpet ride.....(a whoooollle newww worrrrld!)

You know why I love Disney?? Because it's one of the few places that I can take a baby and she can pretty much do everything that we do. She can't do like 3 rides, Splash Mountain, Barnstormer, and the Mine Train. That's it. Everything else she can go on. 

After that, we headed on over to Hollywood Studios. They have the Frozen Summer activities, so I wanted to see that.

First thing we did was get the girls their ice cream because they would not stop talking about it! It was hot. I get it.

A storm headed our way, lightening, thunder...but it never hit us more than a little bit of rain! Gotta love Florida weather!  Except because of the threat of a storm, they canceled a few of the Frozen events that we were wanting to do. Oh well. Maybe we'll go back.

Since we were over there and the Muppet 3D movie was about to start, we headed on in.

When we got out, we saw Mary Poppins. I love her! I wish I had her bag...and her umbrella...and her cheery disposition.

Then it was MY ice cream time!! And we went into the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. It was a blacklight muppet type show. It was so super cute!!

 (This was the last picture my camera took - it died on me... so now I am relying on my husband taking pictures...and well, he just doesn't get my need for pictures - ha! I eventually just kept taking his phone...just do it myself! ha!)

So, at Hollywood Studios, there's like this "town" hidden.... Hollywood Hills. I had no idea it was back there! I think we need to go back to Hollywood Studios to fully investigate it. haha.  Anyway, they have this huge ampitheater night, they do a Fantasmic show water and light show. It was pretty cool!!

After the show, we bolted back over to Hollywood Blvd so we could watch the Frozen Fireworks. I have heard how awesome the show was, so I really wanted to stay and watch it. We hardly ever stay this late because we have to drive 1.5 hours home.... but we did. So glad we did!

The whole show was awesome and then it started snowing!!

We got back to the car and headed home while the kids all slept nicely in the car... and they even slept in late! Except the baby of course...she was up on time. Which means, I was up...on less hours than what it really takes for me to be "nice" the next day. lol. My poor husband had to go to work the next day. Hopefully, his day was "call-free" for the most part.

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