Monday, June 15, 2015

Life Lately - summer vacation week #2

Week #2 of summer vacation - we have been so busy having fun!! If we're not out having fun in the sun, then we're hanging out and working on the house or just being home and enjoying our time. Like summer time for teachers SHOULD be, right? 

Baby C has been so fun to watch. She is just such a happy baby (unless she's hungry, but I mean, who isn't crabby when they're hungry!?)

The girls can be so silly together.... sometimes not, but in this instance, they are.

Champ says, "I know there's a kid in here somewhere...I can smell her!"

Autumn has started piano lessons too.

I've been able to get my workouts in ... sometimes twice a day even! The girls are pretty good at entertaining themselves while I'm working out.

Most mornings I try to go to boot camp, but sometimes I can't since Ron doesn't get home until 7:30 some mornings.

And yoga on the beach!!

 We're STILL working in the backyard...this feels like the NEVER. ENDING. PROJECT.

Filling in the holes... even when it's raining!

We can't work fast enough though... I'm SOOO tired of having dirt in my backyard!!  Ready to put sod down. 

What??? I didn't do anything... haha!

This is how we bathe the kids...

Cleaning the packporch... this was so rewarding. The finished product after cleaning something that is so disgusting is so drastically different from the start.

Champ is actually doing much better. It's amazing how fast he has grown!  The only thing we really need to work on still is jumping on people when they come annoying! and "fighting" with Pete... it's not really fighting though...

oh - and he likes to sit on EVERY one.

Autumn has also started to learn to ride her bike with no training wheels. We were kind of worried about it because Autumn does NOT like to fail... it is her competition with herself.  We had to warn her that falling a lot is going to happen.

It's a family affair... when one goes out, we all go out! ha!

Since I cleaned out the porch, now we can use it to hang out in!

Brooklynn feeding Caroline... poor Baby C. haha!

Although.. I think it's time Caroline gets her own Tervis!!  They do make sippy cups now, so I really think it's about time Caroline gets her own. I might have a problem.

Caroline LOVES the beach! She is a born natural, beach lover!  She loves the sand, the ocean, the breeze blowing in her face. I'm tellin' ya - all my girls are beach babies!

These three.... I tell ya.  They are my world... they frustrate me more than ever sometimes... but then there are times that all we do is laugh!

Luckily, smiling is more of what we do than anything else.

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