Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Day at the Aquatic Center with Friends

Can I tell you?? Today, I was sitting in a chair feeding Caroline. I was just sitting there, enjoying the beautiful day. And I had this HUGE smile on my face...and I realized it was because in front of me were these beautiful ladies and all our kids just playing. The moms were playing with all the kids, and the kids were playing with each other, and there were smiles and laughs and hugs.

It was such a beautiful sight.

It literally almost brought tears to my eyes. What? I might be a little hormonal still. haha.

I just love that we have a group of friends that are all so different yet we all mix so well together. 

* We are missing one important girl in this picture - my mermaid sister, Matteson!

I love that we have kids the same age...that we love all of our kids...that we help each other out with the kids (everyone is eager to help with Baby Caroline - yay! haha!)

Today we went to the North County Aquatic center in Sebastian.  I had never been there and it was super fun for the kids!  Brooklynn was too small to do the big slides and since she still swims with floaties, she wasn't allowed on the diving board. Boo. But other than that, it was so fun!

So... the high dive. It's pretty darn scary up there! haha!

And then my 5 year old shows me

This crazy group we call "family."

Kristi and Jen

April and Me

My sweet Brooklynn... just having fun with her little slide.  I just love her.

And what would a day be without having cake!? 

And poor sweet Caroline...she was having a hard time, until finally she crashed! My sweet baby girl.

I hope, in your life, you have wonderful people like these ladies. I am excited that our kids will grow up together, and hopefully remain friends for a long time to come!

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