Monday, June 29, 2015

Life Lately - Summer Vacation Week 4

We sure do know how to pack a lot in in one week!! Week 4 of our vacation was nonstop. Like, I'm for real exhausted! lol.  

We tried out a new beach with our friends!  This one is called "Tables" up near Patrick Airforce Base.  When I was telling my dad about it, he told me stories of how he used to surf here all the time when he was a kid.  I love his stories.

The waves were perfect size for Autumn to boogie board all on her own!

 After the beach, I stopped off at Bealls (because the one near me closed and the only one close is over on beachside...NORTH.)  I was on a hunt for a bathing suit!!

Shopping with the girls is nothing short of

But I found one! If you are a bustier myself, this is the perfect suit... because LOOK at the back!!  It's a Nike. I will forever buy this suit. And if they would've had two that fit me, I would've bought them both!

This picture cracks me up... sweet Caroline showing her "monster"

 I could only go to a few days of bootcamp this week since we went away on vacation, but I mean seriously... working out to this view is kind of awesome!

And having friends there is great too!

On Wednesday, the girls and I left for the FL Keys with my parents. {Here} is the post on our trip to the Keys.  

When we came home, it was so nice to give everyone a bath and shower....

...and sleep in our own beds.  That's Brooklynn reading in bed. Autumn is asleep under the pink blanket on her bed. Yes, my children go to bed when it's daylight out during the summer. Believe me, they are ready for it!

and that night I got back into my workouts! I absolutely needed it!! My body was in a lot of pain from sitting for 4 hours both ways.

The next morning, Saturday, we woke up bright and early and got to work on "play!"  By 7:00 my girls had built forts, played with Legos, had TWO breakfasts... I mean, we have to make the most of each day, right?

Then I headed to my BF's bridal shower! It was so beautiful!!  My post on it is {here} - you should really check it out!

Sunday was swim all day in the pool day... again.  I've decided I'm going to start swimming laps. This day, to start off with, I did 30 minutes of alternating  100 yards freestyle, 50 butterfly, and 50 backstroke.

Afterwards, I made a shake (Shakeology) and sat in the pool. I mean, life is hard. Ha!

And then... it was time to head back to the doctor for Autumn...with another ear infection. I forsee this happening a lot with how much we're going to be in the water. Oy!

Still waiting....30 minutes later.

 Then it was off to Publix with these little hams to get her medicine...

On another note, Caroline, who is not really interested in eating the pureed food I make her has become addicted to veggie puffs.

They are like the toddler snacks that "melt" in their mouth. I cut them up into fourths and they are perfect for her!

And now I will leave you with these pictures of my sweet Caroline. I just love her smiling face. We get compliments everywhere we go about how much of a happy baby she is.

Check out the rest of our summer vacation so far!


  1. I used to get swimmer's ear as a kids as I lived in my aunts pool when I was your girl's age. There are some drops you can buy to use after swimming to help dry out the water. My mom also used to poor a small amount of rubbing alcohol in my ears to help dry them out.

    Christina Marie

    1. blah
      *as a kid as I lived in my aunt's