Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life Lately

I've been home on summer vacation for one week now. I feel like we've done so much already!   But i don't really know what. haha!

Lately, Caroline has been sitting up really well, all on her own! Even in her tub. She has a new trick of being able to turn on the water while in her tub. She loves to turn it on and play in the dripping.

And of course she LOVES to splash. My counter definitely needs to be cleared off for her bath time now. haha!

We've also started putting her in her highchair. This chair has now been all 3 girls' chair. It doesn't really look like what it did when we first bought it, but it still works! I took off the cute cover because I was so tired of the food getting trapped under it and drying on the bottom of the cover. And I hated having to wash it (if you know me, then you know that laundry is my nemesis!). So I just took it off and now I just use cleaning spray and paper towel on the whole thing when we get done! Boom! Done! Moving on.

And since it was the end of the TIU 8 week Bikini Series, I decided it was time to add some more workout clothes to my wardrobe!  So we went shopping. and by we, yes, I mean me and all three girls.  Sometimes it's not the easiest way to shop, but you know, I just have things I want to do and I can't let having 3 kids be my excuse in life, right!?

This day they happened to be  pretty good for me though. Autumn is a big help with Caroline. I usually have Caroline in my Moby wrap, which is really the way to go. Caroline loves being the Moby, as did Autumn and Brooklynn.  But while I'm trying on clothes, Autumn is really good about holding Caroline for me. Brooklynn really wanted to hold her too, which is why she has the sour puss look on her face in this picture.

Then I got to take my new clothes and shoes for a spin! After my 10K, I realized how important it was to have running pants in my drawer of workout clothes.  Holy chaffing, batman!

 We've also reached the point where the girls can ALL be playing in the room without needing my attention.  All. Three. Girls.
Even Caroline.  Now that she can sit up, if there are "toys" around her, she is pretty good for self-entertaining for a little bit.

 Oh! And we've also finished the fence!! The pool is almost finished, so this was IMPORTANT to get done, like NOW.  Caroline wasn't napping this day, so I just strapped her on and started to help Ron as much as I could.

While the girls were playing "magic wand" out in the dirt fields of a backyard. lol  I am SO over the dirt! ahhh!!

 I might be over the dirt, but the girls sure do love it! There's always a birthday cupcake being made. And they raid my baking cabinet to get candles and "demand" that I light the candles so they can sing Happy Birthday to someone. This day it was to me... so okaaay!

 And of course we have beach days!!

Why, yes. I do live here...and I love it!

We come home for lunch and ice pops!

We've tried starting Caroline on real food, but she hasn't been too excited about most of it...until Autumn got the brilliant idea to give her one of the applesauces that we have in the cabinet. (It's organic and non-flavored). Seriously...this girl is brilliant!

And another time hat all three girls were playing nicely together...without needing me to do everything for them.

Seriously, I'm going to capture all of these moments I can because I know they will be few and far between! haha!

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