Sunday, July 12, 2015

Family River Day

We did it! We finally pulled it off to where we were all able to get together!! (most of us anyway.. we are missing 2 husbands)  Do you know how are this is?? Between grandparents taking kids and vacations and work schedules. But we finally got all our families together.

I had an idea to have a family river day. Something different, but fun.  We brought our boogie boards and floats, coolers and sandwich rings, and our laughs! It's amazing that we have a van and we STILL don't have enough room in our car for everything. I had to sit in the back because our front seat had the cooler and beach bag in it. haha. It's sad. But whatever. It worked.

We got to the river and the kids were instantly in the water, never coming out...just like it should be.

My lovely ladies - we're all so different, but yet we fit so well!

Noah was the "child whisperer" out there with the fishing rod.

Those eyes.

And they found a fish on a rope...haha!

This poor kid... surround by ladies. Oh, the humanity.

This girl is just too stinkin' cute!

The "babies" of the group.. except for Caroline, of course. The three blonde babes.

Just like I said in my {last gushy friend post}, I am just love that we have such wonderful friends that we can call family. This is such a beautiful picture! 

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