Monday, July 6, 2015

Life Lately - Summer Vacation Week 5

This past week, it's been pretty calm. Although it hasn't been calm. lol. We are always busy, but it's been a calm busy. 

This week, Ron and I celebrated our TEN year anniversary... not married, just the amomunt of time we've been together. Read about it {HERE}... of how we met and other mushy stuff.

We've been spending a lot of time in our backyard in our pool and having friends over. 

This girl. she just makes my heart smile so much. 

She told me that day that she wants to be Tinker Bell when she grows up and that she wants to fly with the birds. Be still my heart.

Caroline has been enjoying the pool too with her mesh sling.

Champ has been enjoying the backyard too.... sigh. Ron is pretty close to getting the dirt all turned into something...grass or rocks... but this dog.,,

We also have a whole stash of "treasure" left over from the fence and sod. Pretty excited to have all this wood left over - lots of plans in the works!

I also finally decided to become a beachbody coach. You know... since I own pretty much every workout there is from Beachbody! haha!  You can check out {THIS} post to see my favorite workouts.
While I do love working out at home, on my own time, it can be pretty difficult with all "five kids" around. But we manage :)

I've been pretty good about going to Bootcamp too. With Ron's work schedule, it's hard since it's so early in the morning to get there because of the kids. But on Saturday, she did a workout on this playground... let me tell you. Four days later and I am just now over being sore from it.

The {4th of July} was pretty low key... just some family over that night.

Caroline has started eating real solids. She has been eating veggie puffs and watermelon, muffins, and those squeezable applesauces - but the veggie medleys.

Every Monday, my friend and I try out different beaches in our area. I like this idea - I've found some really good beaches!

This Monday we tried one that was to the south.

It was kind of a weird beach day... to the right, the sky looked like this - almost like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, all foggy and ominous. I was expected a ship to come out of there.

And to the left, the beach looked like this - a perfect beach scene.

My little shell collector.

 Behind us, the ramp was it's own little playground underneath.

Our days at home have been lazy...pool days and letting the kids just play...

The girls love to play "baby" and this day, they took it to a whole new level! haha! They put Brooklynn's nighttime diapers over their undies and found some of the pacifiers. They are such hams.

Speaking of babies... this girl. I swear. 

(This picture was taken after she had finally gone poop after 3 days of not pooping. Hey - pooping makes me happy, too!)

This girl is such a happy baby, and just loves to be around people.

Do you see that drool heading to my face?? Awesome. lol. Also, notice the laundry basket behind me...I'd much rather be hanging with this cutie pit instead of folding laundry. Duh! No brainer.

And I leave you with another goofball picture of my girls. They are such hams!  They just make my heart smile....most of the time, anyway. :)

Check out the rest of our summer vacation so far!

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