Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th with Family

The 4th of July.  We usually don't go anywhere because it's like a madhouse out there! We usually just stay home where it's nice and safe and relaxing. Well, I don't know about relaxing, but moreso than dealing with crowds of people!

Caroline was just not diggin' the whole picture thing. Oh well.

This is our flag on our house. I mean, with a firefighter and a teacher, I think it'd be a sin if we didn't have a flag. Am I right?  I just love how it looks flapping in the sunlight.

My parents and grandparents came over for dinner.My girls just love them. Hoss, my grandpa, still loves to get down and play with the girls. I love that about him!

After dinner (and the storm) we started up the firepit to roast marshmallows.

Then it was time to try out the fireworks! Ron usually does a good job at stocking up on fireworks. ha!

We all went out front to watch the fireworks. These moments just make my heart happy!


Brooklynn's first time throwing her own firecrackers. Pretty timid at first (like always - my cautious little girl), but then she was pretty excited about it.

Hope you had a safe and happy 4th!

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