Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shower Ring Tank Top Hanger

One of my friends posted a picture on her FB the other day of an idea she saw. She took shower rings and put her tank tops on them to hang them up!! 

Shower Rings.

What the what?!  I have so many workout tanks and they're always getting smooshed in the drawer. And what else gets lost in the drawer?? My sports bras.  So I hung those up too!

She put her rings on the hanger, but I have an entire bottom rack of my closet that isn't getting used, so I hung them up there.

Isn't it brilliant?!? Now I never have to go fishing in the drawer! Especially while I'm doing bootcamp before it's light out and I have to get dressed in the dark. 

Here is it is on a hanger, in case you don't have a wire rack or rod to hang them on.  I feel like the hanger would snap in half - but maybe using the wooden ones??

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