Sunday, June 21, 2015

Caroline is 7 months old!

Sweet Caroline is 7 months old!!

What does Caroline like as a 7 month old?

Well, she loves the water! And she loves being in the mesh ring sling in the water. As my friend said it, "I'm in the water, nice and tight up on momma.... this is just like the womb, my first home!" haha!

She loves her sisters.  She will light up when one of them walks in the room.

She has become a Tervis lover too! haha! I think it's time to get her one of her own Tervis cups!

She's slowly starting to eat more. Right now we're doing the squeezable "applesauce" - the veggie medleys too!

She LOVES the beach!

She goes to sleep really well with her Seahorse.

She can sit up and "hang" with her sisters.  This is so awesome!! I don't have to constantly be with her and entertain her. 

And now that she's sitting up, she loves playing during her bath time! I have to bring like a beach towel to bath time now so that I can wipe up all her water mess. She knows how to turn on the faucet and she keeps turning it on to play in the dripping water.

Happy 7 months to my sweet baby girl!!