Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Vintage Bridal Shower for Matteson

One of my best friends is getting married this year! I'm so excited for her!! Honestly, I might be more excited to see how the wedding comes out, because this girl is such an amazing crafter! I tell her all the time between her crafting and her cooking and baking, she really needs to have her own blog. And after you see these pictures, you'll see why.

She did all these crafting things herself. She is my idol, honestly. And don't be surprised if you see a lot of these things in Caroline's First birthday. lol. I had a theme already in my head, and wouldn't you know it?  Matteson had a similar theme for her shower! Maybe that's why we're mermaid sisters. :)

When you walked outside, beyond the tables and chairs, this was the main attraction. LOVE it!

On the menu:
donuts from one of the best bakeries in town
maple and bacon muffins (umm... yum!)
coconut muffins
yogurt and granola bar with fresh fruit toppings
2 different kinds of sandwich biscuits (I had the one that had tomato, bacon, turkey...I see a bacon theme for me!)

The water was a lemon, lime, and mint. It was SO yum!

The prizes for the games.

These were the souvenir glasses she made everyone. Some were vinyl made with my cameo and some were made with paint.

The banner she made with scrapbook paper and doilies.

The tables were just the cutest!

One of the games was to look at all the pictures and guess how old she was.

I tried taking pictures of all the guests for her, but I was also distracted by that cute little baby in the carseat back there... sweet Caroline was a little hot. lol

The bride and her momma.

Me and some of my girls, April and Kristi!

We got the bride in!

April loving on Caroline.

Our bling! The rings were kind of like the clothespins for a baby shower... whoever said "wedding" had to give up their ring. I went home with 3 rings..perfect for all my girls!

One of the games we played...this one was really hard!

Um.. this sign on her mom's fence. I need one please..and thank you!

My baby girl <3

I love these next set of pictures... they crack me up. I just keep taking pictures while I'm waiting for everyone to get ready and you always come out with some good ones :)

The bride and her family

So it was hot... and we were really wanting to go in the pool... so we did!

I just love these girls!

So the gift.  Ron made her the gifts. He lasered a rolling pin with starfish all over it. He also lasered cutting boards; one side said Cowboys and the other her new last name... with the Dallas Cowboys star with both. She was overly excited to say the least. Sometimes that husband of mine has some really great ideas!

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  1. Does your hubby really have a laser machine at home? Too cool...I'd be monogramming everything in sight! Your party looks like a blast!!