Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pool Days

Nothing soothes a boring day, bad moods, or kids driving me crazy like a trip to the pool!  It instantly turns our day better. 

Kind of like the beach.

Caroline is a big fan of it too.  She loves to sit along the edge and just splash and splash and splash.

My little Brooklynn was willing to take of the floaties today and try swimming around. One of the kids in the pool told her she should use his noodle and she was instantly in love with it.  Hey... whatever gets her to want to learn to swim, right?

Caroline and I just hang on the stairs.  She's quite happy with that.

Autumn sure is happy that it's summer time again... I don't blame her. I am too! Nothing like being able to head to the beach or jump in the pool.

Brooklynn sure is proud and excited about her new found noodle skills.  Although she could do this last summer too, but I guess since she was only 2, she doesn't remember that she could -ha!

Here's hoping this is one of the last times we need to go to the neighborhood pool next time we want to jump in the pool. Our pool is "this" close to being finished! One more week?? Maybe two??

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