Saturday, June 20, 2015

Autumn's Dentist Journey

Last week, Autumn had a pretty big dentist visit.  When she went to the dentist last month (check that post HERE), we found out that she needed a lot of work done. It's not for lack of brushing or flossing. I make a pretty big deal of doing that, because I have bad teeth (a lot of cavities!), but it's just because she has produces an excess amount of bacteria in her mouth. 

So that morning we left the house at 6:45 to be at this particular dentist's office 45 minutes away. Fun.

Autumn had no clue what was about to happen, even though she knew she was getting a tooth pulled.  Not only that, but she had to get a space maintainer in that spot, 2 other teeth filled, and a root canal! I mean, seriously. That's just CRAZY for a  year old!

We opted for "conscious sedation." So, she was awake and aware of everything while it was going on, but she has no memory of it at all! She remembers getting the medicine and then the next thing she remembers is eating an ice pop with a funny feeling lip (it was numb).

This is what she was like as she was starting to feel the meds...

It was really kind of funny. They had to come get her and carry her to the back.

Parents weren't allowed back there. I get it. I think if I was back there, I would have been kind of freaking out with what I would've seen.  Probably best that I wasn't back there.

Caroline and I stayed up front and hung around. It was only about 45 minutes for all of that.

When I went back to get her, her mouth was still numb and that was weirding her out, but she was fine other than that. She was playing around and hanging out with Brooklynn and wanting to help Daddy in the backyard...

In fact, while she was out back with Ron, one of the "packing" in her pulled tooth socket came out and she started to bleed. That was "exciting." But it soon stopped and she was back to being a kid again.

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