Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekend Recap

To start off our weekend, Caroline hit 7 months! Saturday was the big day for her.. she is forever a growing girl I tell you. Check out her 7 month post {HERE}

After our little photo shoot, we headed down south a little bit and had some fun with our friends at Sailfish Splash park. 

I love that they have a lazy river... although it hasn't been lazy the last few years we've gone. lol

Ok... so this ring sling. It is just the best thing invented since sliced bread. If you know me, you know I love wearing my babies in a Moby Wrap.  Except, we live in FL and it's hot...and we're always in the water. Last year when we went to the splash park, my friend was wearing this mesh ring sling and I just fell in love with it! So this year she let me try it out with Caroline in it.

I came home from this day and ordered one right away! I found her on Facebook {HERE}. 

Last year, us 3 girls were either pregnant or just had a baby...

And these are all the babies this year!  All girls...

I call this "The White Hat Baby Brigade" haha!

Getting a picture was hysterical...

And here's the updated version of our picture. We added a few more kids... and I'm not looking. Oh well, it's a classic picture!

There's my B going down the slide.

A and B head first down the pirate slide.

Baby C just chillin' in the tube. I love that some of the tubes had bottoms to them!

Oh, and we spent a lot of time playing in our pool this weekend!!

Can you tell the girls are happy that our pool is finally finished!?

Brooklynn has commandeered my float I bought myself. I should've known... just buy two!

Father's day hanging out... grillin' and swimmin'

Teaching the puppy how to surf..haha!

And little B how to swim.  Be still my heart. I just love watching him be a daddy.

That was our weekend!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend, friends!

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