Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites - Water Camera!

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Last summer, I bought myself {THIS} water camera for my birthday.

I had been wanting one FOR.EV.ER but I just never wanted to spurlge on one...I'm a little "tight" with money sometimes - haha. But I finally figured that since we spend SO much time in the water, that I just needed to do it. It would be worth it's money. And it has been.  I absolutely LOVE {this camera.} 

Here are some pictures just in the last week that I got from my water camera!

Playing at our community pool. This was the last time that we had to use the community pool.  It really is such a pretty pool. I'm glad I got this picture. It's one of my favorites.

Swimming with one of her best friends under water... our little mermaids!

Paddleboarding!  I just took Brooklynn on this trip because I had never been to this location so I didn't know how the water would be. Normally I don't mind taking both older girls, but this was a mommy and B day.

 Swimming in the river during our "break" time.

Me playing around doing yoga on the board. That is seriously really hard to do! ha!

Another one of my favorite pictures! 

This was the day that our pool had FINALLY been filled with water and we COULD NOT SWIM IN IT. 
Oh. Em. Geeeeee! Do you know how hard that was, to keep the girls out??  Autumn was so bummed that she made a sailboat just so she could still play with the water, just not in the water.

I really love her creativity. She thought about doing this all on her own. She found a stick and decided to make a sailboat just from that! 

I did pretty well keeping the girls out of the pool but I guess I forgot to tell Champ (the puppy) to stay out of the water! haha!

Our pool is finally finished!!!!!

Here's the finished pool.
(pay no mind to the yard that still needs to be finished... that's next on the list.)

Our little turtle family... 3 babies and a mommy and daddy....

(did you see that hole in the "step?" that's for an umbrella...which is brilliant because I already used it on day one while I was sitting there with Caroline!)

And here's the nighttime version.. with the fire pit going in the back.   We still aren't finished back here. We are going to be putting in a workshop for Ron with an overhang that goes over the patio (between the firepit and the waterfall). But I don't care. All I care about is that my pool is ready to swim in!!!

Time to go swimming!


  1. You got the hat!!!! Ahhh! I love everything about this post! :)

    1. I did!! I love it. I wear it all the time :)

  2. I'm so happy for you!! The pool looks great! I think I need a water camera now!! <3

  3. I live the turtles! And what a great camera.