Saturday, May 23, 2015

Autumn's Dentist Trip

So, the other week, Autumn had her first trip to the dentist.

Yes, I know. She's 5 and never been to the dentist. But it's because I hate going to the doctor or dentist unless I have to. I don't like going for regular check ups or anything. I don't hate the dentist, just hate taking time out of my busy schedule.

Well, she's been complaining about her tooth and I could actually see a cavity in one of her molars, so I finally broke down and made her an appointment. 

This place was great! The waiting room had old school games in it! I She got to play some fun games while waiting.

Then they took her back and the lady that we got was just so good! She made Autumn love being there!

The seat was going back and Autumn was loving the "ride."

Brooklynn was all into it too - which is great because I don't want her to hate it before she even gets her shot at the dentist!

Autumn loved the little sucky-thingy.

At this point, my battery died...unfortunately. But they ended up taking xrays because they could see the cavities. Well, one is so bad, we have to get it pulled.



BUT, it's not because we don't care of her teeth. In fact, the dentist said that her teeth looked really well taken care of. But sometimes, people are just born with bad teeth... and Autumn is one of those lucky ones. Like her mama. Awesome. I'm sorry pumpkin. Guess we'll need to visit the dentist more often for her.

But as of right now, she still loves the dentist!  Success.


  1. It's good that you were able to catch her tooth problems early, and that you have made her first dental visit as comfortable as you could possibly make it. The games were certainly a nice way to ease her into it. It’s also great that you brought Brooklynn along, so that she could see that there’s nothing to be afraid of once it’s her turn to be on the chair. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers!

    Pedro George @ Mirror Lake Family Dentistry

  2. Yeah, it is safe to call this a win for both you and Angie. While some people are very reluctant to go to the dentist even for a routine checkup, she took it all in stride and just breezed through everything. It’s too bad about the cavity, though. But then again, at least the dentist was able to diagnose the problem correctly, address the issue soon after. Good day!

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental

  3. A lot of people really hate going to the dentist, but it’s still important to go every once in a while, if only for an annual checkup. But it’s great to know that Autumn enjoyed her dental visit. Those old school games probably helped her stay calm. Anyway, despite her cavities, I hope her dental health is doing fine. Have a great day!

    Milton Wilson @ A Plus Family Dentistry