Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One Month Old

 One thing I regret not doing is blogging sooner. I am totally bummed that I wasn't blogging during A and B's baby stages. I don't scrapbook well, nor do I journal well. But I tend to keep up with blogging because I can upload the pictures (instead of print them up) and therefore, I journal well in terms of blogging.

But I my goal is to keep up with Caroline's milestones and "months" because I fell really bad that I don't really remember when A and B started doing things...

Except for the fact that A had a full mouth of teeth by her first birthday and B didn't even get one yet!

A took her first step at 9 months while we were in NJ at Ron's grandparents' house. She was full on walking by 11 months. B wasn't fully walking by her first birthday, but by 13 months, she was pretty good at it.

A's first word was "duck" and B's first word was "hot."

That's what I remember.

Those are important. So I don't feel so bad.

Anyway, my sweet Caroline is already a month old! How has time flown by so fast!?

She sleeps through the night already! She will wake up around 11:00, but put a paci in her mouth and she's back to sleep until 5:00 or so. Most hate me when I say this, but you have to remember, I have two other kids. A didn't sleep through the night until she was about 15 or 16 months old.  B started sleeping through the night at 9 months old. So I just say that I've put my time in already, so that's why.

Her "witching" hour is from 4:00-7:00 when she goes to bed. She's very needy during those hours. Mainly because she's cluster feeding to get her tummy full for the night, I guess.

I've seen her smile a few times, just not on camera yet.

She does NOT like riding in cars. Almost EVERY time we go anywhere in the car, she is crying. This is so weird to me because both girls have always been great car riders. Autumn still falls asleep almost every time we go anywhere.

In her first month, her cord fell off on November 30, 10 days after she was born.

She had her first real bath at home after that. She really loves her baths, just like her sisters. Not one cry out of her the whole time. She was that way with her bath at the hospital. I remember the nurse being amazed that she didn't make even one whimper during her bath. That's because she's part mermaid!

She also had her first beach day! Yes, it's December, but in Florida you can have a beach day whenever you want!

Her first Dr. visit. She was NOT happy about waiting naked in the room. Although, it was pretty warm so plus for her... bad for me! lol

Her sisters LOVE her. Autumn is a great baby-whisperer and loves to hold her and try to soothe her.

Her first visit with Santa went off without a hitch. That's what happens when you sleep through it all I guess. ha!

We got her stocking hung on the fireplace. She's official now.

Her first Christmas tree picture.

And she had her first Disney trip! She did really well staying in the Moby Wrap all day. She rode her first rides, Winnie the Pooh and The Little Mermaid (of course!).

She had a BUSY first month of life. Excited to see what the next months bring her!


  1. They are all so lucky to have you. THAT is truly what you are documenting. Each of their successes come about because of you.