Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas with the Girls

Getting ready for Christmas can be so exhausting. Good think Caroline has such good sisters, like Autumn who love to take care of her. Autumn is seriously the "baby-whisperer."

Going on a shopping trip, and your are that parent with the screaming child. I don't even know what she was screaming about. Seriously. But it was pretty funny. I'm sure the people in Lowe's didn't think so. haha

But then we turned the corner and found a 2-foot Minnie mouse to match our 2-foot Mickey. As soon as she got her hands on her, it was the classic B smile that I love so much. How can you say no to that? I mean, we needed a Minnie to go with Mickey anyway, right? ha!

At home we're baking more cookies every day it seems.  One day it was the Reindeer Treat cookies.  This day, it was a fun twist on Sugar Cookies. The kids especially like doing these because they get to roll out the dough like snakes. Well, Autumn does. 

B? I don't know what she does. haha

Caroline was involved too... although she slept most of the time.

When we were putting them on the pan, Autumn goes "Mommy, how will we know whose cookies are whose??"

Umm... kid. I hope you can tell which ones are yours.

She sure was proud of her candy cane cookies!!

This is a recipe from Sandra Lee on the Food of my favorite ladies!

And I finally had time to get a picture with the girls in all of their new Christmas PJs in front of the tree. I love this picture every year. 

And of course they're wearing all of their new bows they just got from my favorite lady to get bows from. Check out her FB page {HERE}

I may have gone a little crazy getting bows last time I ordered. haha  I have to order in sets of 2 or 3 now. I even got some bows for B's birthday in a few weeks. (ahh - I really need to get going on that!)  C got some cute little headbands to clip all her bows too (as you can see in the PJs picture above)

I mean, seriously, how could I say no to this cuteness?!

AND our stockings finally came back!  I had to get a whole new set of stockings this year because the set we had with the 4 of us, I couldn't find any that would match them. So I had to go on a hun for stockings that I liked, I found a set at Kohls, but they didn't have an R...ugh! But I finally found these at Lowe's and we took them to get embroidered at a local shop. I really do like them. And when we get our white fire place, they'll look even better! 

Yes, this is a fake fire place. We got it at an estate sale many years ago and the ONLY time I use it (since it's not a heating fire place) is during Christmas to hang our stockings. But I LOVE having a fire place...for looks and for Christmas.

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