Saturday, December 20, 2014

Disney at Christmas

The other day, we did our Disney at Christmas day that we like to do.  I had the girls' outfits all planned out with bows and cute everything ready to go.

Except that  didn't happen...There's just too much for me to remember before leaving and when you have a crying infant and a 3 year old who is constantly talking at you, and spit up that occurs as your're walking out the door, food you need to pack, and pajamas to pack, I mean, there's bound be something I forget I guess, right?

Well, we made it there.  Not how I wanted, but whatever. Not everything can be "picture perfect."


Ferry ride over... "Look, I see the castle!"

Caroline's first ride at Disney - Winnie the Pooh!

We have yet to meet Winnie the Pooh, and when we came out of the ride, it was about 15 minutes until Pooh and Tigger were coming out, so we waited for them. Perfect timing, really.

And we can't go to Disney and not go on The Little Mermaid ride, so we went on that... C's 2nd ride!

Another "must do" when we head to Disney is that I must get my Mickey Bar. It's the middle of December and I'm eating ice cream. Yep. I love Florida!

My cute little Minnie baby!

We were on our way out to go to Hollywood Studios to see the lights, but we got sidetracked by the show...
The girls couldn't see, and I had a fussy C, so I couldn't hold any of them. But Ron stepped up and used his big ole shoulders for both girls to sit on. Maybe that's why men are more broad in the shoulders than women, so they can be awesome daddies. This just made my heart happy!

One of my favorite pictures!

Then we stayed around for the Frozen show.. except that there were to "NBA" players in front of us with their girls on their shoulders and NO ONE could see around them. It was not  the happiest place on earth at that point.

Luckily, the castle was bigger than those girls on the shoulders in front of us. So at least they got to see the castle.

And since the show was a bust and the girls have been begging for balloons every time we go to Disney, we figured it was time. At $12 a balloon, they better love them! ha! Luckily, the balloons last for weeks, and maybe months (we'll see about that with my girls - ha!)

I just love Disney at Christmas time. It's so pretty! We never made it to Hollywood Studios that night. But that's ok. We'll go another night!

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