Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas with the Family in 2014

Christmas morning! 

We actually had to wake Autumn up because Brooklynn woke up before her and we didn't want Brooklynn to see the tree and presents without her.

Right to playing with them. I love how one of their presents is such an old-school one and they kept busy on that one for so long!

Then it was crazy-sand time! Hey...when you can't make it to the beach, you bring the beach home, right?

When it was finally light outside, we headed outside to play with our new skateboard and roller skates.  My little girls love to be outside. They would be outside all day if I would let them.

What? Doesn't every girl ride a skateboard with a tiara on? 

Then Caroline finally woke up and I did a little photoshoot with her. Melt. My. Heart. Her first Christmas and she's the cutest little present - hands down!

Then Daddy had to leave to go to work.

Hey..why not cool off and have some ice pops? 

Then I got in a quick workout. It may be Christmas, but when you have a few hours of downtime, why not workout? 

Then the girls and I headed to my parents' house.

My brother and all my grandparents were there this time. Autumn loves her Uncle Hans.  In this picture we have all the Wagner men (who live in FL). It was supposed to be just the boys (Hans' baby boy is in the middle. His name is Jack, after my dad and his dad), but then my girls wanted to get in on the action. They love their picture taken too...of course. 

Then we had to take a family photo.  This is a great picture. It has my parents, Woody's parents (Nana and Hoss), my mom's parents (Grandma and Grandpa), Hans and Demi, Demi's mom, Baby Jack, and my girls. The only person missing from this picture is my husband, but he had to work - bummer! Oh, and it would have been awesome if my cousin Lisha and her family could have been there. 

Me and my girls.

This picture we try to do all every time we get together.... 4 generations of women. My girls, me, my mom, and my grandma. All the pictures we took this time didn't really turn out. This was the best one of them. But it NOT a good one...of any of us! haha! Oh well. My B has a birthday in a few days. We'll try again then. 

This picture just makes me laugh. Hoss put Brooklynn in the box and carried her out to the car in it! ha! She thought it was the funniest thing ever. I mean seriously. What kid wouldn't love Hoss!?

One of my favorite Christmases in a long time. I love having my parents back. It makes life so much happier. That's what it's all about. Family.  Whether it's your blood family, your adopted family, or the family you have adopted because you just love them so much they became your family. 

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