Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Pictures...for the Girls

I did my own version of newborn pictures with Caroline, with an outfit that one of my friends got her. It was too cute not to use! Even better that it's Christmas colors...swoon

Adding more Christmas Cheer... the other day when we were running errands after A's school, Santa came riding up on a motorcycle. He saw the girls were looking at him, so he stopped in front of us to talk to us. The girls were a little on the bewildered side....Santa on a motorcycle?!

And then he took it a step further and let them sit on his motorcycle!

And then today, we went and saw Santa.  Autumn said she wants more paints and arts and crafts stuff (could have guessed that one) and an airplane. Brooklynn said she wanted some paints. I'm guessing because Autumn does, but whatever. makes life easy for me! ha!

Caroline was sleeping soundly. Perfect for letting me put that giant bow on her head! lol

This might be one of my favorite pictures!


  1. Love! Your girls are precious and I so enjoy your posts!

  2. O.M.G. The picture with the three of them and Santa is PRECIOUS! LOVE the one where Santa is looking at Caroline.

    Motorcycle Santa looks a lot like my former principal. hehe

    Christina :)