Saturday, December 27, 2014

January Calendar Printable!

I made the calendar for the year 2015. Seriously. Where does the time go!?

I also made my calendar frame for it. Just something "cute" to put it on. I have the perfect place for it when our kitchen is redone, but for now, it's just on the wall, in the middle of nowhere. 

I just used a white frame, some scrapbooking paper and some foam board that I had on hand. I actually don't recommend using foam board because you won't be able to put the thumb tacks back into the same holes if you take them out. But when you have a newborn at home (I did this when she was just a week or two old) and you don't feel like leaving the house, you just use what you have at home already. So, use corkboard instead.

This is how it turned out. Bad picture because of where it's hanging. And don't mind the fold. It went in my purse for a day to write down some important dates coming up.

If you want a 2014 calendar to put up on your fridge, or on your wall, or at work, or folded up and in your purse, click the picture to download it!

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