Thursday, December 11, 2014

Autumn's Christmas Performance

Tuesday was supposed to be a nice, calm, relaxing, pedicure getting kind of day. 

Well, it did not turn out that way.

I was supposed to drop off A at school (leave B at home with Daddy) and met up with my friend to get pedicures.  Well, the plan was to hit the mall for some Starbucks and then get our pedicures... but apparently, our mall hasn't started it's holiday hours yet?! So I shopped around Dick's for a while. Let me tell you. That place could be very dangerous.  I was trying on the Fit Bit and the Garmin to see the difference. Do any of you have either one of these? Which one do you prefer? I have the Polar Watch already, but I was thinking about getting one of these for like every day wear.

And THEN , I was looking at this beautiful thing (the P90X pull up bar). When Wendy lived here and came over to do personal training, she had a pull up bar that she used with me, and it did NOT leave any marks on the walls or door frames.  I almost wanted to get it. And the Fit Bit. And some shoes. And some workout clothes.  But I did not.  I was good. I walked away from it all. 

And since any of the pedicure places we wanted to go to still weren't open, we opted for a YUM breakfast. Let me just say, that plate of fruit just makes my mouth water!

Then it was off to C's 2 week appointment...which of course she was rudely woken up when they asked me to get her undressed and then we had to wait a very long time for the doctor to come in...and of course she was hungry, hungry, hungry.  As you can tell by her face she is not a happy camper. lol. And she only takes the paci when I'm trying to buy some time when she's hungry. Poor girl. She just wanted to eat!  She was 8 lbs and 4 oz and now 21.5 inches. How dare she grow!! She's not allowed to grow. My little peanut.

We finally all got home and then the girls decided to play in the water hose.  In December. Yes, it's Florida, but it just so happen to be cold. lol This video just CRACKS me up!

Taking showers after that was a MUST.  Then I made the mistake of opening one of the packages that I got in the mail. Mistake? Um. yes.... because of the THOUSANDS of pink peanuts that soon filled my house because B was WILD over them!

 Then it was time to get dressed and head to Autumn's first Christmas performance!! I was so excited to see her perform!! Here are the picture I got from her performance.

That's it.  Yep. the only ones. Why you ask? Because the VPK students just stood in the aisles. Um. What?! I'm a little confused. I didn't even get to see her. Or hear her. Or anything. 
Then we got the the "VPK wishes you a Merry Christmas!" and then they started walking out. 

That's all they're doing? That's it for the VPK? Are we really done?


Um... ok...

Well, girls, go stand next to the tree so I can get your pictures at least.

The next day was the whole VPK performance with JUST the VPK.  They were on stage for this one. Now I'm going to come out and say it. I would have been so mad if I was still working and would not have been able to make the day time performance and was only able to see the night time one.  Seriously.

 But here she is on the top riser with the big white bow on her head.

And then we headed back to her class from some Cookies and Milk. Thankfully, my girls barely even ate one cookie...and B just licked a few licks of the icing...she didn't even finish the icing.   Whew! Sugar rush crisis at 9 am was adverted. lol!

Whew! December is so hectic! I have no idea how I have time to get it all done in a normal year when I'm still working.  For real.

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