Sunday, December 21, 2014

iWorkout and Measurements Printables

To keep myself motivated and hold myself accountable, I have my tracker pages hanging up next to where I have my workout stuff...which just happens to be a spot that I see a lot, so it's always in my face. 

(I printed up a new measurements sheets so you wouldn't see what I have already written down. I'm saving that for after the 30 day workout!)

I just started back up yesterday and my body is already thanking me. Well, it might be yelling at me because I'm already so sore. The kind of sore that needs a handicap bar to sit on the toilet. But that means it's working - woop!

Here is the workout tracker... I didn't put the days of the week on the top because you don't have to start on a Sunday or Monday to get your regimen going.  I started mine on a Saturday just because it was an exact date from when I had baby C.   You can start on a Wednesday if that works for you! Look at your calendar for the week, see when you will be needing a rest day. For me, this week, we're doing Christmas on Christmas Eve, so I'm making that my rest day. And my reward for myself is going to be new workout clothes!

Click {HERE} to download the workout tracker.

The picture below is what I'm using for my measurements. I made it for about a 90 day program...kind of. It's 15 weeks.That's a little more than 90 days.  These are my major problem areas. Some people only want to measure their biceps, waist, and thighs, but I wanted to add in my middle and my hips. Just cross off whichever one(s) you don't need/want. 

Click{HERE} to get this download.

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  1. Love that! I am just getting over an awful head cold so I really shouldn't be giving myself more rest days but I know I will appreciate it over Christmas! I just started Max 30 and it's tough!!