Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve in Florida with the Family!

Ron works tomorrow. So we did our annual Christmas on the beach day on Christmas Eve.  We always go to build our "Snowmen"... well, actually, they are Sandmen. That's what you do in Florida for Christmas.

Caroline's first feel of the water! It was pretty cold, so I'm not so sure she liked it. No worries, she will.  She'll have to. She's part mermaid, afterall!

Merry Christmas from the Ross Family Party of 5!

And tonight was the start of a new Christmas Eve tradition. 
Why, you ask?

Because my parents live here now. That's why!

The kids got to do a scavenger hunt. My dad helped them by reading the clues for them. Autumn was really good finding all the clues! The girl really pays attention to things more than I think she does.

I just love this picture. I was getting the girls looking for their last clue, but I got everyone in the picture... on the left are my grandparents (my mom's parents) and then my other set of grandparents (my dad's parents). Then my parents on the right, with my mom holding Caroline.

At the end of their scavenger hunt, there were presents! Art stuff, of course!

Then my grandpa played with the girls for a bit. This just warms my heart.

Then it was chow time! A new tradition - a seafood boil! Autumn LOVED the crawfish. So much so that we were fighting over them. lol. Yes, I was fighting my 5 year old over who was going to eat the crawfish. I won. But there was more for her.  No worries.

My Nana is showing her how to open them. 

Then it was "Pass around the baby" time.  First up was her Daddy. 

Now these are the pictures I will treasure. Caroline's Great-Grandparents holding her.

My Nana...

 And Hoss...he's the baby whisperer - and every kid loves this man. 

My dad. She's just taking him in.

My Grandpa... she's mesmerized by all her grandpas!

Then we came home and put cookies and milk out for Santa. And we have to put our key out for him too, because we don't have a fireplace. My friend got me this last year, and I think it's genius. Now we have a real answer for our girls when they ask about how Santa gets in our house since we don't have a fireplace for him to come down the chimney.

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  1. Wow, your Christmas Eve with family in Florida was truly adorable. I just love spending time at Florida beach. I have been there several times with my family and friends as well. Now I am planning to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary too on a beachside venue New York.