Sunday, December 21, 2014

DIY Bow Holder

So because our bow addiction seems to be growing more and more (mainly because of  K&L Bows), I decided it was time to make sense of the mess.

Mostly because I didn't like how the hangers that we had were a hot mess and hanging in the girls' bathroom, which also acts as a guest bathroom, so I like to keep it looking nice.

Yep. Hot mess.

So I went to Joanns and grabbed a 2-pack of canvases, a yard of fabric (I actually got two different fabrics because I didn't know which one would look better until I got it in the room.), and a spool of ribbon (again, I got two, but only because those were the only two spools of that color they had, so I wanted to be safe). I got out my ruler and my staple gun and some screw in hooks that I had on hand already.

The canvases that I used were 16x20, but you can get the 20x20 if you want. I used the staple gun to attach the fabric to the canvases. Then,  I used my ruler to space out the ribbon evenly and fastened them to the back with the staple gun.

And then I hung them behind the door in the girls' room ... out of sight! yay! because it's still too cluttery for me to see on a constant basis. The wall looks pink, but it's really a light coral color, which is why I went with the coral ribbon on the teal and brown fabric. 

I screwed in the hooks at the bottom because I needed a place for their headbands

I have two...for now, and I'm sure I'll need to do another one soon - oy!

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