Sunday, October 11, 2015

Life Lately

Life has definitely calmed down a little, but it has in no way slowed down, if that makes any sense. ha!  We are rarely ever just "hanging" around the house doing nothing.

BUT, when we do have some down time, we don't spend it just laying around, perhaps watching some of my favorite tv shows?? I don't even know what that is anymore. ha.

One night Autumn asked if we had any baking soda because she wanted to make a volcano. Her class that week, had done a dinosaur unit and she loved the volcano. So she came home and taught us how to do it.

She was so excited about it.

Then she taught her sister how to do it.

I'm going to lie...this was a proud teacher mommy moment!

And then there's spending time with sweet little Caroline.

She STILL sticks out her tongue when she smiles. I really love it.

OH!! haha! This day... I came home from work and Ron had the girls at home that day. The house was a mess, so I asked the girls to go clean their room...

Autumn comes out of her room...
A: "MOM! Why is there an eaten plum in our room??"
Me: "I don't know... Brooklynn....WHY is there an eaten plum in your room??"
B: "I don't know. I guess it walked in there with it's legs and then it turned back into a plum with NO legs."

hahaha! That girl just cracks me up sometimes!!

I finally changed the board from Autumn's Birthday board to our October board. I did this last year. I may never change this. I really do love that we our family is the Five Little Pumpkins!

We also like to spend time at the beach after work. Yes. It's Fall. We go to the beach, still, in Fall.

And eat pizza.  The best pizza.

And then we go to the beach to play. And put our toes in the sand.

And the, inevitably, the girls end up in the water.

I knew it was going to happen. Whatever.

They were having fun.

I've also tried finishing the darn stools!  These were given to me, all brown; legs and tops.  I painted the legs and LOVE the color. But I just couldn't decide what to do with the tops. I bought the cream colored, but when I put it on (no, not perfectly... I was just doing it quickly to see if I liked it), I just didn't like it very much. Ugh. I was on a mission...and I couldn't finish it.

Another mission I had was to find costumes. 

Autumn had it ALL figured out. She was going to be Maleficent, Brooklynn was going to be Aurora, and Caroline was going to be one of the fairies. 

Unfortunately, they didn't have a Maleficent for we changed plans a little.

I mean, are these NOT the cutest BatGirls... ever?!  

Autumn even drew herself as BatGirl.

 And I even found Caroline a BatGirl! yessss!!!

And I got one of my new favorite shirts at Target. These must be junior sizes because this is an XL. For real. And I wear a Medium in women's shirts.

Pause for snuggles with Caroline!

Then it was off to the VegFest in downtown Cocoa.

Autumn had her first coconut drink.

haha! She was not a fan.

Even posing with my mom.

No problem. That means I get to have it!

P.S.... when my mom went to Trader Joe's the other day, she brought me back some pumpkin butter. Oh. My. Word.

Run... don't walk...RUN to go get some!

That brings us to Sunday night... bath time with baby girl... her sweet sweet face.

And last minute play-doh with daddy (while mommy works out).

They're little pumpkin family.

All the kids are in bed...and now mommy is headed there too! It's a wonder how I don't pass out every night by 8:00.

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