Friday, October 30, 2015

Life Lately

It is amazing how quickly a week can go by. Seriously. 

And LOOK at this girl. Sometimes I look at her and wonder "WHY do you look so big all of a sudden!?"  It was "decades" day at her school last Thursday. She dressed as an 80s girl. Autumn dressed her. lol. Yes, I rely on my 6 year old for being the sylist.

That smile. I just can't handle it.

Friday, after school, April and I took the "big girls" with us to get pedis.

We got wine!! What!? I didn't know they served wine!

April got a mani too...she was such a diva. haha!

Saturday, I dropped the older girls off at my parents' house.

Gosh, I love her.

I kind of like it when the older girls are at my parents' house and I get some one-on-one time with baby girl. I feel like our life moves so fast with the 3rd and with the 1st, you really get to relish in each phase. So I really love the one-on-one time with her.

I'm not sure why she thinks she should be allowed to be full on walking before she's even 1! I watch her walk away from me and I just want to start tearing up...she's so tiny, but she's walking!

Sunday, we went to watch 2 of my students play the "super bowl" against each other. One was on one team and one was on the other team. It just so happened that one of my BF's son was on one of the teams too. It was my first experience at a West Melbourne Football game. Oh. My Lanta! I felt like I was in Texas!!

Sunday night, I gave in to the cute little baby... she was begging for more pumpkin bread. How could I say no?!!? I made it to bring to work. But Caroline ended up eating it all. haha. Woops.

Sunday night was MNO night. We all got the "friendship" Alex and Ani bracelets. I love them. They are perfect. 

Can't have an MNO without some Champs!

Tuesday was Pumpkin patch day. Before we went to the patch, we stopped off to see Ron at the station. He was practicing some drills for a test coming up on the big ladder truck. The girls are always in awe.

This is just so cute to me. I love this picture.

He gave us a ride back to the station...

Caroline's first fire truck ride!

Then it was off to the {Pumpkin Patch} with our friends!) 

And now, my friends, it is Friday. I endured {Halloween week} at school and I have a whole weekend of fun coming up. I'm gearing up with some Rose!

Happy Halloween Weekend friends!

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