Thursday, December 10, 2015

Disney at Christmas

Every year, we do Christmas at Disney. If you've never gone to Disney at Christmas, you really should. It is SO beautiful! I just love it!!

This time, we PLANNED to go to to Osbourne lights and stay at a hotel and then get up early to head to the park. Well, best laid plans....

I left work a "little" early and we go to our hotel a little later than what we planned, so we decided to just hang around the hotel and "get our money's worth" instead of stressing out to get to the Osbourne lights. We'll go back another night to see the lights.

We've never stayed at a Disney hotel, so we were pretty excited!

The girls LOVE staying in a hotel....flashback to our Roadtrip a few summers ago.

Their Build a Bear palace pets... don't go anywhere without them!

Brooklynn: "wooowww, we're really high up here mommy!" haha

They must make a wish. Every. Time.

Not a bad picture... they are few and far between :)

Running about the resort lawn. They loved the non-itchy grass!

The Gingerbread house!!

Of course we had to get a gingerbread cookie from the gingerbread house. Caroline ate most of it. She was a feen for the gingerbread!

Yes, can we please get a family picture in front of the giant tree in the hotel??  Thank you, girls, for acting silly. haha

Waiting for Daddy, so we can go see the fireworks.

There's a boat dock at the Grand Floridian that has AWESOME viewing of the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. The girls were a little tired at this point...

So we had to leave a little earlier than the finale.

Caroline was sleeping in the Moby Wrap. Lucky duck.

The finale at the resort - so pretty!

The next morning, we caught the first monrail to MK... 7:00am

We got to the park to watch the opening ceremony - we've never seen it before. Actually, I didn't even know there was an opening ceremony!

We bolted to see Anna and Elsa!!

It only took 2 years, taking a day off work, and getting to the park as it opened, but we finally saw Anna and Elsa!! Annnnnd with only a 10 minute wait time!

Autumn and Ron went on the Mine Train - another 10 minute wait!! That ride is always like 5 hours long, but when you go when the park first opens and on a school day.  While they were riding the mine train, Brooklynn and I went to meet Alice and Mad Hatter.

Then it was time for Brooklynn's first roller coaster!!

It started off like this....

And ended like this... haha

hahahaha... I feel so horrible. But LOOK at this picture. I love it. It's so classic! haha

Then it was on to meet more characters....

Then we left Magic Kingdom and went to Hollywood Studios.

We stumbled upon Goofy Santa. Of COURSE we had to go see him!

I had a horrible headachy by this point, so I needed something to help make me feel better... Mickey Bar it was!! 

Although it really didn't help me. And this is the end of our trip. We had a few more things planned, but I wasn't feeling good...and Caroline was getting cranky, and the Moby Wrap was in the car, so it was time to go. We will be back, Disney. Yes, we will.

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